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Seda Gel Lotion 15ml

Catalogue Number: 595418

A pian relieving lotion to treat mouth ulcers toothache sore gums Raspberry flavour Indications Seda gel lotion is suitable for adults and children. For infant teething seda gel 15g and 30g is recommended. Dosage Apply with a cotton wool tip to the affected area every 2 hours. Use a fresh tip for…

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Difflam Antibacterial Mouth Gel 10g

Catalogue Number: 543954

For fast relief of painful inflamed conditions of the mouth including: Mouth ulcers Denture ulcers Sore gums Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Uninterrupted treatment should not exceed 7 days unless under medical supervision. If…

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Kenalog In Orabase 5g

Catalogue Number: 523528

For mouth ulcers Indications Contains triamcinolone acetonide 1mg/g in emollient dental paste. Dosage Apply small amount do not rub in maybe at bedtime if not better in 5 days see a doctor or dentist. Warnings Store below 25oC

Prescription Required

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Bonjela Mouth Ulcer Gel 15g

Catalogue Number: 722797

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Difflam Throat Spray Forte 15ml

Catalogue Number: 662876

Fast relief of painful conditions of the throat or mouth. Temporary relief of painful conditions of the throat and mouth: Sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, mouth ulcers, swelling, redness and inflammatory conditions, pain following mouth or throat surgery, pain following dental procedures,…

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Difflam Sore Throat Lozenges Honey & Lemon 16 Lozenges

Catalogue Number: 588495

…relief of the symptoms of sore throats and mouths. Difflam lozenges also contain an anti-bacterial agent Difflam Lozenges provide temporary relief from the symptoms of sore throats, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, mouth ulcers, local pain following mouth or throat surgery and pain followign dental…

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Oralmedic Mouth Ulcer Treatment 2 Pack

Catalogue Number: 985636

…pain and discomfort of a mouth ulcer in seconds. It works by drawing water from an infected ulcer. This instantly kills bacteria and causes tissue and nerve endings in the ulcer to coagulate. This stops mouth ulcer pain and creates a protective barrier over the ulcer to provide optimum conditions…

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Savacol Mouth & Throat Rinse Freshmint 300ml

Catalogue Number: 625336

Reduces dental plaque. Relieves discomfort of mouth ulcers. Aids in the treatment od early gum disease. Contains Chlorhexidine - a broad spectrum antiseptic with prolonged action. Indications For mouth ulcers: rinse 3 times daily. For dental plaque: reduces dental plaque and the incidence of…

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Savacol Mouth & Throat Rinse Mint 300ml

Catalogue Number: 584063

Reduces dental plaque. Soothes sore throat- Relieves discomfort of mouth ulcers, and andi in the treatment of gum disease.Contains Chlorhexidine - a broad spectrum antiseptic with prolonged action Dosage ADULTS:use 10ml of undiluted Savacol. Children under 10.use 5ml of Savcol diluted with 5ml of…

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Savacol Mouth & Throat Rinse Alcohol Free 300ml

Catalogue Number: 765547

Colgate Savacol Alcohol free. Reduces dental plaque, may relieve discomfort of mouth ulcers and aids in the treatment of gingivitis. Contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2mg/ml Directions: Adults use 10ml undiluted, children under 10 use 5ml undiluted under adult supervsion. Rinse or gargle for 1 full…

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Sm 33 Liquid 10ml

Catalogue Number: 526410

Adult formula liquid Indications A temporary pain relieving treatment for transient mouth ulcers, under denture ulcers and oral abrasions. Dosage DIRECTIONS Using a cotton wool bud, paint SM-33 freely and thoroughly on to the affected areas every 3 hours. Use a fresh cotton bud for each…

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Natures Sunshine Sage 100 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 892466

…which means to heal Traditionally used for: The relief of excessive sweating and perspiration Relief of hot flushes associated with menopausal symptoms Reducing breastmilk production May be used as a gargle when prepared as directed for the relief of mouth ulcers and minor throat irritations.

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Seda Gel For Infant Teething 30g

Catalogue Number: 506414

…dentures, mouth ulcers and abrasions of the gums and pallate. For teething and transient mouth ulcers. Indications Seda-gel is invaluble in the treatment of pain and discomfort of the mouth. It promotes quick and effective relief of pain and discomfort arising from soreness, abraisions and ulcers on…

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Sm 33 Gel 10g

Catalogue Number: 516412

A soothing antiseptic gel for the treatment of inflamed gums and mouth tissues. Indications A temporary pain relieving treatment for: Infant Teething Transient mouth ulcers New Dentures Abrasions and Inflammation of the gums, palate and tongue. Dosage Apply only to the affected area every three…

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Difflam Solution 500ml

Catalogue Number: 578761

…of the mouth throat including sore throat, tonsillitis, radiation mucositis, mouth ulcers, post orosurgical periodontal procedures. Dosage 15mL to be gargled or used as a mouth rinse every 1.5 - 3 hours. Hold in the mouth or gargle for at least 30 seconds. Solution should be expelled from the mouth

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