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Menopause Tablets

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Menopause Tablets

Harmony Menopause 120 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 729590

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Harmony Menopause 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 629132

Menopause Premenstrual Tension such as Hot Flushes, irritability sleeplessness, fluid retention, mild anxiety, Joint aches Headaches Menstrual Cramps Abdominal Boating Breast Tenderness Indications A potent and nourishing combination of Chinese and western herbs and minerals Dosage Take 1 -2 tablets

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Promensil Double Strength Menopause Tabs 30

Catalogue Number: 782716

Description: Promensil Menopause Double Strength, delivering a double dose of red clover isoflavones. May help relieve hot flushes, night sweats and anxiety. It may also assist in slowing bone loss. Instructions: One tablet daily with a meal. Warnings: Promensil tablets are not recommended during…

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Promensil Menopause 90 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 555547

…which complement the bodys declining naturally occurring oestrogen levels around menopause, so it may relieve menopausal symptoms. Instructions: One promensil tablet daily with a meal. Warnings: Promensil tablets are not recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Keep out of reach of children.…

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Evista Tab 60mg 28 A

Catalogue Number: 533865

…of oestrogen after menopause. EVISTA preserves bone prevents bone mineral density loss and helps to strengthen thinning, weak bones. EVISTA is used to prevent bone mineral density loss in women after menopause. Dosage The usual dose of EVISTA is one tablet per day. EVISTA tablets should be swallowed…

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Swisse Ultiboost Menopause Balance 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 902534

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Thompsons Mood Manager With SAMe 60 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 979837

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Blooms Menopause Day and Night Relief 60 Vege Capsules

Catalogue Number: 849990

Blooms Menopause Day Night Relief can help provide support not only during menopause, but also during peri-menopause, for the range of symptoms that women can experience during this transitional time. Day Relief Formula The day formula helps relieve hot flushes, anxiety, stress, fatigue,…

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Ethical Nutrients Menopause And Hot Flush Fix 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 787556

Relief of Menopausal Hot Flushes and Night Sweats. Therapeutic applications: Ethical Nutrients Hot Flush Fix may relieve: Hot flushes associated with menopause. Night sweats associated with menopause. Stress and anxiety associated with menopause. Directions for use: Adults: Take 1 tablet three times…

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Natures Sunshine Sage 100 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 892466

…salvare which means to heal Traditionally used for: The relief of excessive sweating and perspiration Relief of hot flushes associated with menopausal symptoms Reducing breastmilk production May be used as a gargle when prepared as directed for the relief of mouth ulcers and minor throat…

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Naturopathica Menoeze Forte 90 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 569795

…Black Cohosh, Soya and Red Clover that have been used successfully in relieving menopausal symptoms worldwide. This high-performance, maximum potency menopause formula provides excellent relief from a range of menopausal symptoms including Hot Flushes Mood Swings Irritability Anxiety. Dosage Take…

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Centrum For Women 50+ 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 909430

…focused on more nutritional support specifically addressing bone health, post menopausal health, mental performance and immunity. Increased levels of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron to support healthy bones, and post menopausal health and Zinc to help support mental performance, and extra vitamin C for…

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Carusos Maca 5000 Tablets 60

Catalogue Number: 083486

…corn, starch - Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Directions: Adults take 1 tablet per day with main meals or as advised by your Healthcare Professional. Ingredients: Each tablet contains herbal extracts equivalent to: Lepidium meyenii root tuber Maca 5g 5000mg Precautions:…

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Carusos Menopause Relief 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 841265

…hormones, quality guaranteed Break FREE was specially developed to relieve major menopausal symptoms. During menopause you can be left fighting the unpleasant symptoms of hormonal changes. Adults: Takeone tablet twice daily with main meals or as advised by your Healthcare Professional. In very…

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Remifemin 200 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 603666

…experienced during pre-menopause, menopause and post menopause. Hot flushes, anxiety, mood swings, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms Dosage 2 X 1 tablet per day, one in the morning, one in the evening, if desired clinical studies show that up to 4 tablets are tolerable See internal leaflet…

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