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Deep Heat Sports Spray 100g

Catalogue Number: 552150

…back - Strong combination of proven medicants - A greaseless, stainless formulation - The familiar Deep Heat smell Directions: Shake can well before use. Point Deep Heat Sports Spray towards area to be treated holding can approximately 15cm from the skin. Spray in short bursts. Massage is not…

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Medic Roomspray 125g

Catalogue Number: 562118

spray From the makers of Lemsip Comforting aroma during the winter season Helps prepare you for sleep Contains essential oil Fragrant menthol Dosage Spray around the room before going to bed. Can be sprayed without disturbing children. Hold can upright spray around the room for a few seconds. Spray

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Stingose Spray 25ml

Catalogue Number: 561804

…vines and nettles. Dosage apply immediately to affected areas reapply if necessary Warnings always take normal first aid precautions such as the use of ice and water. do not pretreat with methylated spirits. IN SERIOUS CASES SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE. KEPP OUT OF EYES..... Storage STORE BELOW 30 DEGREES C

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Solarcaine Spray 100g

Catalogue Number: 515428

Indications Sunburn relief. Soothing, cooling, antiseptic. Medicated first aid for minor burns, skin irritations, insect bites. Helps to relieve the pain of sunburn. Spray on - no need to touch the painful areas. Soothes cools wiht its formula of a local anaesthetic Benzocaine to dull pain, an…

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Rid Tropical Spray 150g

Catalogue Number: 580476

Insect repellant Heavy duty protection against ross river virus dengue fever mosquitoes. Independant research tests prove that medical tropical strength rid gives heavy weight protection against mosquitoes for 6hrs. Especially formulated to repel all insects in the toughest conditions. Dosage For…

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Difflam Throat Spray 30ml

Catalogue Number: 553167

…surgery, pain following dental procedures, radiation mucositis Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free Dosage: Adults and children 12 years and over: Spray 4-8 times directly onto sore/inflamed area and swallow gently. Repeat every 1.5 - 3 hours as necessary. Not recommeded for children under 6 years.…

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Opsite Spray 100ml

Catalogue Number: 537701

…plastic intravascular devices. - Avoid spraying onto fabrics. - Not to be used with iodine preparations. Skin reddening may occur when used with an iodine solution and covered with occlusive dressings. - Not intended to be used in conjunction with other medicated preparations. - Do not apply on…

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Stingose Spray 100ml

Catalogue Number: 551806

…affected areas. Re-apply if necessary. Warnings Always take normal First Aid Precautions, such as the use of ice and water. Do not pre-heat with methylated spirits. In serious cases seek medical advice. Keep out of eyes. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Storage Store below 30C Manufactured by Warner Lambert.

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Fess Sensitive Noses Spray 30ml

Catalogue Number: 788016

…up to 6 sprays per nostril as needed Children 2-3 sprays per nostril as needed Fess may be used as often as necessary and is non habit forming. It can be used by people of all ages, as well as during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Fess can also be used in conjuntion with medicated nasal sprays For use…

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Fess Saline Nasal Spray 30ml

Catalogue Number: 671436

…your medicated nasal spray to clear excess mucus and aid effective penetration of the medicine. Indications Relief of sinusitis and nasal congestion from hay fever post operative nasal care nasal irrigation for infants suffering from nasal congestion Dosage The following doses are to be sprayed into…

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Narium Saline Nasal Spray 100ml

Catalogue Number: 564682

Non medicated isotonic pH buffered. Indications Cleanses moisturises nasal passages. Soothing mist spray. Provides relief from dry inflamed nasal membranes due to colds, allergies, low humidity, minor nose bleeds, over use of nasal decongestants other nasal irritations. Contains no harsh ingredients…

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Beconase Allergy & Hayfever 12 Hour Nasal Spray 200 Sprays

Catalogue Number: 598793

…and other medicines. Indications Please read the enclosed leaflet before use.Shake gently before use. Dosage ADULTS AND CHILDREN OVER 12 YEARS: Two sprays into each nostril twice daily. Storage Store below 30c but do not refrigerate.Protect from light. Discard three months after using the spray.

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Fess Little Noses Spray 15ml

Catalogue Number: 874150

…first few months. A blocked Nose can make feeding and sleeping really difficult. Its non medicated so you can use it as often as needed, from the day your babys born. Person Infant Product Type Nasal Spray Treatment Nasal Congestion, Sinus Relief Instructions Always read the label. Use only as…

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Thursday Plantation Lavender Spray 140g

Catalogue Number: 951161

…practitioner. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Do not spray directly on or into the face. Contains Ethanol. Propellant: Hydrocarbon. Do not use: - While pregnant or breast-feeding without medical supervision - Near eyes. Seek medical attention if contact occurs - On children under 2 years old…

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Fess Saline Nasal Spray 75ml

Catalogue Number: 630651

…5 sprays per nostril every 2-3 hours as needed. 8 Years - 12 Years - Up to 6 sprays per nostril every 2-3 hours as needed. Adult - Up to 8 sprays per nostril every 2-3 hours as needed. Warnings Do not use if neck seal is broken. Fess may be used in pregnancy and while breast feeding. This medication

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