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Surgipack Medicine Measuring Cup 30ml

Catalogue Number: 881072

Surgi Pack Medicine Measuring Cup plastic tumbler shaped andmeasures graduated from 2.5ml to 30ml in steps of 5ml.

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Eno Lemon 200g

Catalogue Number: 587100

…Indications for the temporary relief of indigestion heartburn caused by too much food drink. Dosage 5g 1 level 5ml measuring spoonful of eno in water. repeat in 2-3 hrs if necessary. mmax daily dose adults:6 measuring spoonfuls Warnings if symptoms persist see your doctor Storage store below 30deg

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Childrens Panadol Suspension 5-12 Yrs Colour-Free Strawberry 200ml

Catalogue Number: 866998

For effective, temporary relief from fever and pain associated with: Teething Immunisation Earache Headache Cold Flu symptoms While being gentle to little stomachs Benefits: No artificial colours Strawberry flavour Measuring cup included in pack

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Trust Kids Paracetamol 1-5 Years 200ml

Catalogue Number: 497120

TRUST Paracetamol 1-5 Years - Stawberry Vanilla Flavour - 200mL - For effective relief of fever and pain in young children. No artificial colour - Sugar free - Alcohol free. Measuring cup inside - Contains Paracetamol 24mg/mL.

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Zyrtec Kids Banana Flavour 200ml

Catalogue Number: 510248

sambucol Suitable for children 2 to 12yrs old Delicious banana flavour Up to 12hr relief Sugar, colour alcohol free Includes 5ml measuring spoon Relieves: Sneezing Runny nose Itchy / watery eyes Itchy skin

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Zyrtec Kids Banana Flavour 75ml

Catalogue Number: 852153

sambucol Suitable for children 2 to 12yrs old Delicious banana flavour Up to 12hr relief Sugar, colour alcohol free Includes 5ml measuring spoon Relieves: Sneezing Runny nose Itchy / watery eyes Itchy skin

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Omron Digital Thermometer MC341

Catalogue Number: 507316

…For Oral and Underarm measurement Broad measuring sensor tip gives a more comfortable and accurate reading Fast, 60 seconds measurement for oral Accurate, measures actual temperature in C F Jumbo, clear display easy to read Last reading recall Buzzer - beeps when measurement complete Included: Test…

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Microlife Digital Jumbo Lcd Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 645395

60 seconds measurement Reliable Jumbo display Signal tone Memory 100 waterproof Low battery indication Hard case included Measuring Methods: Oral 60 seconds, 35.7C - 37.3C Rectal 60 seconds, 36.2C - 37.7C Underarm 5-10 minutes, 35.2C - 36.7C Lifetime gurantee excluding battery Made in China…

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Novalac Infant Formula Gold 2 800g

Catalogue Number: 792674

Novalac Gold Nutritionally complete for babies 6-12 months. Novalac protein source is skimmed milk. Feeding Guide Age months 6 months Feeds per day 3 Level scoops per bottle 7 Cooled boiled water ml 210 Ecah bottle to be prepared individually. 4.8g measuring scoop enclosed

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Microlife Probe Covers 40

Catalogue Number: 670037

…infrared ear thermometer. Dosage Always use with a new undamaged Probe Cover in order to prevent infection. The use of no probe leads to wrong measuring results. refer to instruction manual Storage Keep away from direct exposure to the sun and keep it in a dust-free, dry area at a temp 10C-40C

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Demazin PE Cough & Cold Relief Syrup 6 Years to Adult 200ml

Catalogue Number: 718924

…dose: 6 doses in 24 hours Not suitable for children under the age of 6. Please seek advice from your doctor, nurse practitioner or pharmacist before use in children aged between 6-11. Use the measuring cup provided to measure the dose accurately. If preferred, administer in water or fruit juice.

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Dimetapp Elixir Chesty Cough 200ml

Catalogue Number: 626383

…nurse practitioner before using for children aged between 6-11. Dosage: Adults and children aged over 12 years: 10ml, every 8 hours as necessary. Maximum 3 doses within 24 hours. A measuring cup is included with this product for accurate dose measurement. Dose may be taken with water or fruit juice.

Consumer Medical Information

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Daktarin Oral Gel 40g

Catalogue Number: 580528

…Dakteran Oral Gel provides effective treatment for thrush infections of the mouth. Dosage Use a directed by physician or pharmacist. Comes with a measuring spoon. See enclosed leaflet Warnings The nozzel of Daktaren Oral Gel tube is protected by a metal tamper-resistant seal. Do not use this product…

Consumer Medical Information

Prescription Required

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Normafibe 500g

Catalogue Number: 647412

…with other types of fibre. Indications Normafibe acts by providing dietary fibre to maintain regularity Dosage Adults: Take 1-2 heaped 5ml measuring spoonfuls taken once or twice daily after meals or as directed. Children 6-12 years Take as directed by doctor or pharmacist When taking Normafibe…

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Prospan Chesty Cough Relief Syrup 100ml

Catalogue Number: 742572

…extract provides proven cough relief. Prospan helps clear mucus from the airways, resulting in reduced coughing. Dosage: Please use the enclosed measuring cup. 0-2 yrs 2.5ml ............. 2 times per day 2-5 yrs 2.5ml ............. 3 times per day 6-9 yrs 5ml ................ 3 times per day 9-16…

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