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"Libra Maternity"

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Libra Maternity Extra Long Pads Wings 10

Catalogue Number: 624461

…a pad you can depend on. Libra maternity are not only super absorbent, but ultra thin and extra long with wings. The bleeding you experience after birth will be heavy at first but then it will ease. You can then move from the longer maternity pad to regular pad. Libra invisible also have a highly…

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Libra Extra Goodnights Wings 10 Extra Long Pads

Catalogue Number: 572664

For overnight and maternity use. 10 night-time pads with wings. Indications Libra goodnights with wings designed for overnight and maternity use give you maximum protection all night long. Extra long for better absorbency, ultra dry cover to keep you fresh, clean and dry, wings for better leakage…

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