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"Libra Extra Goodnights"

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Libra Extra Goodnights Pads With Wings 10 Pack

Catalogue Number: 572664

Theres nothing like a Goodnights sleep and thats exactly what youll get with our Libra Extra Goodnight pads The Extra range is our softest and most cushiony and Goodnights have our highest absorbency along with extra length to keep you covered in any sleeping position. Our unique BodyFit shape…

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Libra Ultra Thin Goodnights Pads with Wings 10 Pack

Catalogue Number: 627088

A goodnights sleep will be yours. Ultra thin and with great absorbency, Goodnights high absorbency will comfortably see you through the night. Curved wings hold it exactly where it needs to be, while extra length gives you superior coverage. Our unique BodyFit shape moulds to the contours of your…

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Libra Invisible Extra Long With Wings 10 Pack

Catalogue Number: 603848

Libra Goodnights are designed especially to give you an undisturbed sleep and the extra length also makes them ideal for maternity use. As well as being absorbent, theyre soft and shaped for comfort with an ultra-dry cover and extra-long to help you make it through the night. No matter what position…

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