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Lens Plus

Lens Plus Ocupure Saline 360ml

Catalogue Number: 536298

…handling your contact lenses RINSING- After cleaning and disinfecting, rinse you lenses thoroughly with LENS PLUS PURITE saline solution prior to insertion HEAT DISINFECTION- Fill the lens case as direscted with fresh Lens PLus Purite Saline Solution. Heat in the lens disinfection unit in accordance…

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Complete Easy Rub 2 X 240ml Plus Lens Case

Catalogue Number: 739901

…your lenses to protect your eyes against infection. Removes protein and debris to thoroughly clean your lenses. Rewets contact lens surface to provide lens wearing comfort. With 4 beneficial electrolytes Complete Easy Rub formula helps promote a healthy lens wearing experience. Daily lens care…

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Nutra Life Bilberry 10000 Plus Lutein Complex 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 636364

…and Grape seed with Lutein and Betacarotene to support the health and function of the macular area of the retina and lens of the eye. Taken regularly, Nutra-Life Bilberry 10,000 Plus can help to: Support healthy eye function and vision Protect the structures of the eye from oxidative damage DOSAGE…

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Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution Duo Pack 300ml + 120ml

Catalogue Number: 894925

…tear lysozyme. Contact Lens Anterior Eye.2010, doi:10.1016/j.clae.2010.06.011 7. Data on File, Bausch Lomb Inc. 8. Scheuer C.A, Fridman K.M, Barniak V.L, Burke S.E, Venkatesh S: Retention of conditioning agent hyaluronan on hydrogel contact lenses. Contact Lens Anterior Eye. 2010,…

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