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"Kp 24 Lotion"

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KP24 Metal Lice Comb

Catalogue Number: 560250

Comes with a bonus magnifier. Unbreakable metal comb. Indications Removes head lice their eggs. Dosage First apply K.P.24 Medicated Lotion Foam treatments as directed to kill lice their eggs on contact. Remove all knots snarls with an ordinary comb. Separate 1 inch sections of hair. With the…

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KP24 Medicated Lotion 100ml

Catalogue Number: 550252

K.P. 24 MEDICATION LOTION 100ML Treats Controls Head Lice Their Eggs Indications Maldison, has rapid pediculicidal and ovicidal properties which kills both lice and their eggs. K.P.24 Medicated Lotion treats and controls head lice and their eggs Dosage 1. Pour K.P.24 Medicated Lotion onto dry hair.…

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KP24 Lice Egg Remover 100ml

Catalogue Number: 571592

…trial, KP 24 lice egg remover removed 85 of nits after 5 minutes of combing with fine toothed comb compared to only 25 when KP 24 lice egg remover was not used. Its gentle formula also restores vitality to dry lifeless hair. Dosage To eradicate lice: First use KP 24 medicated lotion and then KP 24

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Kp24 Medicated Foam 100ml

Catalogue Number: 540254

…Medicated Lotion as directed see enclosed leaflet. One application only, prevents reinfestation, fast and easy. It is recommended that all members of the household be treated to eradicate the lice. Not recommended on children under 2yrs old, pregnant or breast feeding women. Indications K P 24 is…

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