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Kleenex Large n Thick Tissues 95

Catalogue Number: 644821

$2.39 Add to Cart

Kleenex Facial Tissue Jumbo 250

Catalogue Number: 907023

$2.69 Add to Cart

Kleenex Pocket Packs 4 Ply Tissues Aloe Vera 6 Packs

Catalogue Number: 990130

$2.99 Add to Cart

Kleenex Eucalyptus Tissues 95 Sheets

Catalogue Number: 763222

Enjoy the pure aroma of Eucalyptus, vibrantly released to help clear and decongest clogged noses. Kleenex Eucalyptus tissues utilise micro-encapsulated eucalyptus scent to ensure fresh, full vapour release when you crush the tissue in your hand. The soft 3 ply tissues come in several box sizes for…

$2.39 Add to Cart

Kleenex Wet Wipes Anti Bacterial 15 Wipes

Catalogue Number: 725561

$1.99 Add to Cart

Kleenex Aloe Vera Tissues 95 Sheets

Catalogue Number: 569026

Care for even the stuffy and sorest red noses. Kleenex extra care facial tissues and soothing aloe vera now with vitamin E. 95 white hypo-allergenic 3 ply tissues. 20.5 X 19.5cm.

$2.39 Add to Cart

Kleenex Pocket Packs 4 Ply Tissues Ultra Soft 6 Packs

Catalogue Number: 579024

6 x Resealable Kleenex pocket pack. 9 white facial tissues per pack value pack. 21cm x 20.5cm Indications Consumer Advisory Service: Australia 1800 028 334. New Zealand 0800 733 703. Made In Australia - By Kimberly-Clark.

$2.69 Add to Cart

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