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Itch Eze Plus Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 414028

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Daktarin Cream 70g

Catalogue Number: 549960

cream is a broad spectrum antifungal product. It treats common fungal and candidal skin infections. Daktarin cream is non greasy and will not stain your clothing or footwear. Indications: Daktarin cream and provides effective treatment for fungal skin conditions including athletes foot, jock itch

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Vagisil Feminine Itching Cream 25g

Catalogue Number: 511908

Whether its from your period, perspiration or tight clothes, even the most common, everyday itch can be distracting. Vagisil Cream relieves itch promptly. Blended with Vitamins E, A and D plus Aloe, it helps soothe irritated, intimate skin. Caution: Not for prolonged use. For the relief of minor…

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Ego Resolve Jock-Itch Cream 25g

Catalogue Number: 602440

This effective anti-fungal cream works to treat the infection, while the water-resistant cream base helps protect the skin from irritation due to water, as well as, chafing. Benefits Effective treatment for jock itch as well as athletes foot, ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, thrush and fungal…

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Dermal Therapy Anti-Itch Soothing Cream 85g

Catalogue Number: 906303

…Therapy Anti-itch Soothing Cream is a balanced blend of colloidal oatmeal, canadian willowherb menthol to soothe and relieve dry, itchy skin in just minutes. Through this unique 3 ingredient action and its intense moisturising base, Dermal Therapy Anti-Itch Soothing Cream: Helps to manage dry itchy…

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Stop Itch Plus Fast Insect Bite Relief First Aid Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 571802

Fast relief from pain and itching caused by mosquitoes, bees, sandflies, jellyfish blue bottles, minor burns, rashes, cuts, scratches and sunburn. Indications Quickly helps soothe and relieve the pain, itching and swelling associated with insect bites and minor skin irritations. Dosage Apply…

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Sigmacort Cream 1% 30g

Catalogue Number: 534937

hydrocortisone acetate cream.for external use only. Indications for the temporary relief of redness,itching inflammation of the skin caused by rashes,eczema,dermatitis,sunburn,insect bites anal genital. Dosage apply sparingly to the affected area 2 to 4 times daily,or as directed by a…

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Lamisil Cream 15g

Catalogue Number: 544908

…Lamisil Creams has a gentle formula that is suitable for irritated and sensitive skin caused by fungal infection. It provides relief from common tinea symptoms such as itching and burning. Lamisil Cream can be applied directly to the infected areas. What Lamisil Cream is used for Lamisil Cream is…

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Hydrozole Cream 1% 50g

Catalogue Number: 667002

…to help relieve inflammation pain and redness. Contains 0.2 ww chlorocresol as a preservative Indications Hydrozole cream is indicated for sensitive, inflamed fungal skin infections that include athletes foot jock itch nappy rash, ringworm, tineaa, fungal infected dermatitis and candida infections.

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Hydrozole Cream 1% 30g

Catalogue Number: 574235

hydrozole cream combines a broad spectrum antifungal with hydrocortisone to effectively treat your fungal skin infection and to help relieve inflammation pain and redness. Indications hydrozole cream is indicated for sensitive, inflamed fungal skin infections that include athletes foot jock itch

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Ego Egoderm Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 597501

Relieves dry, red, itchy rashes Egoderm Cream is a gentle, corticosteroid free cream that has been formulated to reduce inflammation and relieves irritation and symptoms of common skin conditions such as dermatisis, particularly of the face or hands, persistent eczema as well as, cosmetic or shaving…

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Trust First Aid Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 835076

Trust Antiseptic Cream is recommended for the first aid treatment of minor cuts and abrasions, insect bites, stings and itches and minor burns and sunburn. Trust Antiseptic Cream acts in 4 ways treats affected area with an antiseptic to kill germs, numbs local pain with an anaesthetic, eases…

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Nyal Cold Sore Cream 10g

Catalogue Number: 519954

…board for your protection Use only if blister pack is intact Infoline free call 1800 630 056 Indications Nyal Cold Sore Cream provides soothing relief from the pain and itching associated with cold sores. It also acts as a protective barrier helping to prevent cracking and drying so as to help…

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Dermaveen Baby Eczema Cream 200g

Catalogue Number: 985193

…the skin to lock in moisture - Help relieve itch and acute irritation - Moisture binding colloidal oatmeal rehydrates delicate baby skin Suitable for: - Delicate baby skin - Babies and infants Instructions: Apply DermaVeen Extra Gentle Baby Eczema Cream as often as required, after cleansing skin…

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Grahams Calendulis Plus Cream 120g

Catalogue Number: 626083

…experiences to create this all natural skin cream that is useful in the treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. Calendulis Plus contains the herbs Calendula, Propolis and Pennywort. These all natural ingredients work together to reduce redness and itching and to promote the healing of dry…

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