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Ferro Tab 200mg 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 867161

Source of iron for the treatment prevention of iron deficiency iron deficiency anaemias. Each tablet contains Ferrous Fumarate 200 mg - equivalent to elemental iron 65.7 mg

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Fabfol Plus Tabs 56

Catalogue Number: 761403

Chelated iron Folic acid Vitamins Minerals Iodine. One a day calendar pack. Helps ensure your baby the best start in life and you maintain energy and vitality before, during and after pregnancy. Indications Provides a daily dose of 500mcg of Folic Acid. Its been shown that if this amount of Folic…

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Ferro F Tab 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 653598

iron and folic acid deficiency anaemia. Australias only PBS listed iron and folic acid tablet Suitable for pre, post and during pregnancy Two months treatment in every 60 tab value pack Contains Ferrous Fumarate which is known to be gentler on the stomach than Ferrous Sulphate Directions One tablet

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Ferro Gradumets Tab 30

Catalogue Number: 579348

…release iron formulation for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency Adult dosage: One tablet daily or as directed by physician. Do not take this product for more than 12 months except on medical advice Each tablet contains 325mg Dried Ferrous Sulphate equivalent to 105mg of elemental Iron,

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Ferro Grad C 30 Tabs

Catalogue Number: 561788

For the prevention treatment of iron deficiency, with vitamin C Indications Ferro-Grad C is a modified release iron formulation with Vitamin C. Iron is present in a variety of Enzymes involved in the production of energy. Dosage 1 tablet daily or as directed by a physician. Do not take this product…

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Natures Own Iron Plus 50mg 50 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 533186

…the tissues. Iron suppots healthy nervous function, Recommended adult dosage Take 1 - 2 tablets daily with food or recommended by your healthcare professional. Not for the treatment of iron deficency condilions Each tablet contains Ferrous Fumarate 16mg equiv to elemental iron 5mg. Calcuim Ascorbate…

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Swisse Ultiboost Iron 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 712957

Iron has been formulated based on scientific evidence to provide iron supplementation when dietary iron is low. This formula is suitable for vegetarians and during pregnancy when needs may be increased and for those feeling fatigued due to a diet low in iron. Directions: ADULT DOSAGE: One tablet

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Cenovis Iron Plus 80 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 467551

Cenovis Iron Plus contains a bioavailable form of iron for better absorption. This form of iron is gentle on the stomach and may be preferred option for low constipation over ferrous sulfate. Iron helps the body produce energy and adequate iron intake during pregnancy is important for normal foetal…

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Lifestream Extra Strength Blue Spirulina Performance 500 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 757049

…Magnesium stereate, Natural vanilla DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 523MG TABLETS Adults: 2-4 tablets daily, building up to sustained energy/nutrition: 6 tablets daily Children 6-12 years: Half the adult serving suggestion Optimum nutrition/special uses: Up to 18 tablets daily or more as advised Adults

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Blackmores Bio Iron Advanced 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 995776

…a form of iron with superior absorption if taken as directed compared to some other forms of iron including ferrous sulfate. It helps reduce fatigue and tiredness caused by low iron intake. Supports healthy energy levels and vitality when iron levels are low. Supplies a form of iron with better…

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Maltofer Oral Iron 100mg 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 183284

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Blackmores Professional P.C.I.P. Tablets 84

Catalogue Number: 350056

…potassium, it is required for gastric acid production. Iron is essential for immunity and is a structural component of haemoglobin. Phosphate forms part of ferritin. Features: Combines potassium chloride and iron phosphate in a single tablet. When prescribed by a healthcare professional P.C.I.P. is…

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Rennie Tabs 96

Catalogue Number: 543200

…dyspepsia. Indication Two tablets of Rennie provide 68 of the daily -recommended dietary intake RDI of calcium. Calcium supplements like Rennie should not be taken within two hours of taking a supplement that contains iron. Dosage Adults And Children Over 12yrs: Two tablets to be sucked or chewed as…

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Blackmores Professional C.P.I.P. Tablets 84

Catalogue Number: 453854

…of a tablet makes it possible to cconsume your daily dose wherever you are. Suitable for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Optimal absorption is achieved when chewing the tablets. Active ingredients: Calcium phosphate - 130 mg Iron phosphate - 15 mg Dosage: Adults - Take 1 tablet 3 times…

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Blackmores Pregnancy Iron 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 943531

It supplies a form of iron with superior absorption if taken as directed compared to some other forms of iron including ferrous sulfate. The new one-a-day formula is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. One-a-day formula Low constipation, low nausea Plus B and C vitamins and beta-carotene to support…

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