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"Insulin Syringe"

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Terumo Insulin Syringe+Needle 1.0ml 29gx 13mm Box 100

Catalogue Number: 654372

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Terumo Insulin Syringe+Needle 1.0ml 29gx0.50 Single

Catalogue Number: 574645

$0.50 Add to Cart

Terumo Insulin Syringe+Needle 0.5ml 29gx13mm Box 100

Catalogue Number: 437420

$29.95 Add to Cart

Bd Syringe & Needle Ultra Fine 1ml 29g x 12.7mm Box 100

Catalogue Number: 522298

Insulin syringe. Ultra-fine needle. The next generation of Injection comfort. 29 GAUGE 0.33mm x 12.7mm Needle. Use with U-100 Insulin only. Fluid pathway guaranteed. Sterile unless syringe is opened or damaged. Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic. Gamma irradiated. Indications Comfort- special surgical grade…

$33.48 Add to Cart

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