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Medstock Fabric Island Dressing 5cmx7cm Single

Catalogue Number: 467220

…fabric coated with special medical acrylic adhesive and fabric absorption pad Create an occlusive environment, whilst being absorbent and permeable to oxygen and moisture Hypoallergenic Mild peeling strength Does not roll up or drop off skin Prevents bacterial invasion and accelerates wound healing

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Elastoplast Hypoallergenic Transparent Spots 24 76334

Catalogue Number: 583604

For sensitive skin, ideal for sun spots.Transparent plaster for near invisible application. Indications Low potential for allergy reaction.Ideal for sun spots needle marks. Transparent when applied to skin. Coloured pad. Dosage Apply to clean, dry skin. Change dressing daily Storage Store in cool…

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Nexcare Gentletape Dispenser 19mm X 7.3m

Catalogue Number: 669760

…Gentle Paper tape Heavy duty, strong adhesive Indications : Nexcare first aid. Feels better. Is better. All Mexcare First Aid Tapes are hypoallergenic and latex free. Gentle Paper - For sensitive skin, gentle adhesive, breathable. Flexible Clear - Flexible, transparent, stretchable, breathable.…

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Neutrogena Hypoallergenic Soap 95g

Catalogue Number: 549451

Original formula. Fragrance free to care for sensitve skin. Dermatologist recommended. Transparent bar. Indications Made with glycerin and other high quality ingredients, it is exceptionally clean rinsing and wont leave any pore-clogging residue. Dosage Directions: Moisten face with lukewarm water,…

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Nexcare Micropore 50mm x 9.1m White

Catalogue Number: 554660


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Nexcare Micropore(Like Skin) 25mm Box 12

Catalogue Number: 564707

Surgical Tape 12 Rolls Indications 12 rolls of 2.5cm x 9.1m Hypoallergenic

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Elastoplast 47892 Aqua Protect 5.X 7.2cm Skin Toned Pk5

Catalogue Number: 570560

Elastoplast hypoallergenic waterproof dressing skin tone for cuts grazes transparent backing, bacteria proof, waterproof,hypoallergenic adhesive, non-stick pad, sterile Indications this pack contains 5 cutifilm plus . Skin tone 7cmX5cm dressings

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Fixomull Stretch 2036 5cm X 10m

Catalogue Number: 520601

Sport, Hypoallergenic Adhesive non-woven fabric - Porous - allowing for evaporation of perspiration - Ideal for regular taping.

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Fixomull Stretch 2037 10cm X 10m

Catalogue Number: 530608

Sport, Hypoallergenic Adhesive non-woven fabric - Porous - allowing for evaporation of perspiration - Ideal for regular taping.

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Nexcare Micropore 25mm x 9.1m Tan

Catalogue Number: 526707

Hypoallergenic HOSPITAL BRAND 3M Indications Tan Paper First Aid Tape 10 yards 1 in x 360 in 25mm x 9.1m

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Cutifilm Plus Waterproof Dressing 7.2x5cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 668125

Hypoallergenic Waterproof Dressings for Cuts and Grazes - 5 Sterile Dressings 7cm x 5cm transparent backing, bacteria proof, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive, non-stick pad, sterile. Skin tone. Dosage For weeping wounds change dressing daily, or more often, if wound fluid seeps through pad. Skin…

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Elastoplast Sport Elastowrap 10m X 5cm

Catalogue Number: 618674

Elastowrap sport hypoallergenic adhesive underwrap, ideal for applying to sensitive skin or when regularly taping 10m x 5cm. Indications Sport elastowrap, hypoallergenic adhesive non-woven fabric Allow for the evaporation of perspiration, Transversely stretchable, particulary good for use prior to…

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Cutifilm Plus Waterproof Dressing 10x8cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 658127

TRANSPARENT BACKING , BACTERIA PROOF, WATERPROOF, HYPOALLERGENIC ADHESIVE, NON-STICK PAD, STERILE. Indications 1 0ensure skin surrounding is cleand and dry. remove the upper printed backing paper. apply cutifilm plus hypoallergenic, waterproof dressing ensure wound pad is placed over the wound 2…

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Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo 230ml

Catalogue Number: 174723

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo enriched with glycerin and panthenol helps nourish without drying or damaging your babys delicate skin. This tear-free, hypoallergenic formula rinses clean, leaving a soft fresh fragrance. Gentle enough even for infants skin.

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Innoxa Free & Easy Fragrance Free Roll On Deodorant 100ml

Catalogue Number: 773792

…fresh and revitalised. Skin type: For all skin types including Sensitive and Hypoallergenic skin. Other things to love about this product: Vegan friendly, Made in Australia Benefits: - Fragrance alcohol free - Hypoallergenic formula - Long Lasting - Non sticky formula - Vegan Friendly Ingredients:…

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