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Hair Removal Wax

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Hair Removal Wax

Designer Brands Brow Kit With Stencils

Catalogue Number: 603395

…Using spoolie Brush fill in stencil with brow wax. With slant tip flat brush, fill in stencil with brow powder. Remove stencil and blend TIP: Mix shades to custom blend your perfect colour. For natural looking brows choose half a shade darker than your hair colour. Sweep highlighter along brow arch…

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Waxeeze Depilatory Wax 375g

Catalogue Number: 523267

delipatory wax organic gentle, microwaveable washes off in water. waxeeze removes hair by the roots avoids the problems of coarse stubbly regrowth. waxeeze gives proffessional longer lasting results allowing you to wax only every few weeks regrowth appears silkier more sparse Indications warm wax

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Waxaway Salon Wax Hard Wax 200g

Catalogue Number: 771673

…formula is creamy, easy to use and removes short and stubborn hair effectively. Almond Oil replenises moisture and reduces redness. Waxaway Salon Wax requires no strips and removes hair as short as 2mm in length. Waxaway Salon Wax Application. Important: Warm wax in the microwave according to…

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Veet Warm Wax 375g

Catalogue Number: 592266

Veet Warm Wax water rinsable, microwavable and hair removal lasting weeks, long lasting results. Comes with 1 wooden spatula, 10 cotton strips and 1 jar of wax. Indications Veet Warm Wax is a quick easy way of removing unwanted hair from many parts of the body. With repeated use the results lasts…

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Waxaway Precision Wax Wand

Catalogue Number: 177561

…wish for meticulous brows with Waxaways Precision Wax Wand Its unique precision tip applicator applies the perfect amount of salon formula wax and provides comfort and control when shaping brows or removing facial hair. Simply twist the wand to apply wax precisely where needed. Even more magical, no…

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Waxaway Warm Wax 350g

Catalogue Number: 781671

…stainless steel Wax Spatula. For the perfect finish to every hair removal treatment, select from Waxaways Professional Quality Treatment Range. Waxaway After Waxing Oil with All natural Tea Trree Oil Waxaway After Care Lotion with Mango Witch Hazel Waxaway Ingrown Hair Serum Waxaway Hair Minimiser…

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Nair Cream Sensitive Hair Remover 75g

Catalogue Number: 571265

…Nair sensitive cream hair remover is dermatologist tested. Nair offers a complete range of depilatory creams, wax strips, liquid wax and bleach. Dosage Smooth nair on thickly to cover hair. Do not rub in. After 3-4 minutes, test a small area. If hair is not easily removed, reapply and wait a few…

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Nair Easiwax Mini Wax Strips 20 Small

Catalogue Number: 541262

Nair Easywax reusable hair removing wax strips for face and sensitive skin, leaves skin silky smooth. Indications Nair Easiwax Mini Strips remove unwanted hair from the face and other sensitive areas, quickly and easily. In just minutes, your skin will be left silky smooth and hair-free for up to…

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Nair Large Wax Strips 20

Catalogue Number: 551260

Removes hair from the roots, leaving your skin hair free for up to several weeks With regular use, re-growth is slower, softer and finer Quick easy Ready to use strips No mess, easy clean up Reusable Nair easiwax uses genuine high quality wax. Each wax strip can be used several times to remove hair

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Nair Salon Sensitive Wax 100g

Catalogue Number: 662485

…heating use the wooden spoon to mix the wax until it is smooth, use the spatula to spread a thin layer of wax 1 to 2 mm thick in the direction the hair is growing, Wait for 20 sec, pull up one edge and remove the strip quickly. Warnings Do not leave wax on hair for more then 1 min, When heating…

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Veet Cold Wax Strips Sensitive 20

Catalogue Number: 670558

Veet ready to use wax strips : a convenient and easy way to ensure effective and long-lasting hair removal . -20 10 double re-usable wax strips in 2 sachets . -Based on natural ingredients . -Easy-rinse formua . Dosage 1.Warm wax slightly by rubbing a double strip between your fingers 2. Slowly peel…

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Waxaway Wax Strips For Body 20 Pack

Catalogue Number: 751677

…as a quick hair removal solution or when travelling, pre waxed strips have a salon strength formula that removes unwanted hair by the root in a matter of minutes without mess or fuss. Waxaway Ready To Use Wax Strips are compact, convient and ready to use. Perfect as a quick hair removal solution or…

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Nads Facial Wax Strips 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 609281

…areas such as face and bikini line. Use the normal Nads Hair Removal Strips for larger areas such as legs. Tips: For best results hair should be 3 to 5 mm long. For precision hair removal use Nads Facial Wand. Use baby oil to remove excess wax if you run out of soothing finishing wipes. To achieve…

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Waxaway Ready To Use Facial Wax Strips 20 Mini Wax Strips

Catalogue Number: 761675

…use Wax Strips are compact, convenient and simple to use. Perfect as a quick hair removal solution or when travelling, pre waxed strips have a salon strength formula that removes unwanted hair by the root in a matter of minutes without mess or fuss. For use with Waxaway After Waxing Oil containing…

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Nair Sensitive Strip Free Wax 400g

Catalogue Number: 543560

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