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Hair Colour Permanent

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Hair Colour Permanent

Sebamed Hair Repair Shampoo 200ml

Catalogue Number: 507876

…dry,stressed, damaged hair and scalp include pH 5.5 for healthy skin Indications Biopolmers smooth and protects the hair structure, natural milk protein and PCA moisturize and hydrate hair with scalp also for hair thats stressed from permanents colouring and styling. Dosage Shampoo hair with repair…

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Restoria Express Mens Light Brown

Catalogue Number: 661844

colours grey hair in 5 minutes permanent colour also for moustaches beards sideburns Indications squeeze equal amounts of cream from tube no i and tube no 2 to brush provided comb through hair start with areas that are most grey. re-apply cream onto brush as needed to cover grey wait 2-10 minutes…

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Restoria Express Mens Dark Brown

Catalogue Number: 609751

Colours grey hair in 5 minutes. permanent colour Also for moustaches, beards and sideburns Indications Restoria express effectively colours grey hair in minutes, leaving you with healthy shiny, natural looking hair. Simply apply equal amounts of cream from the resealable tubes to colour your hair.

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Schwarzkopf Brilliance 43 Red Pasion

Catalogue Number: 665770

…light brown to dark brown hair only. The darker your natural hair colour, the less vibrant the final colour result will be. To achieve a more dramatic colour result, pre-lighten your hair before using LIVE PERMANENT COLOUR with the LIVE ULTRA-LIGHTERNER. For long or thick hair we recommend using two…

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Napro Palette 8.0 Medium Blonde

Catalogue Number: 723600

Permanent Colour Creme Caring hair conditioner with Apricot Oil Rich long lasting colour with Intensive Care, Healthy Shine and 100 Grey Coverage. Indications Package contains: 1tube with caring colour creme 50ml 1application bottle with developer emulsion 50ml 1sachet wih caring hair conditioner…

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Schwarzkopf Livecolour Natural Brown

Catalogue Number: 567716

…For a longer lasting colour or to bleand away first greys, we recommend Napro Country Colours, A semi permanent colour which lasts through 24 washes. For permanent coverage og grey hair, use napro vital colours. To select the appropriate colour, simply match the colour selection bar on the front…

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Napro Palette 1.1 Blue Black

Catalogue Number: 806653

Permanent colour creme dark brown 3-0 napro Indications Intensive care with apricot oil full cover of 100 grey coverage. Dosage One use only Warnings Keep away from children and sunlight

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Napro Palette 3.0 Dark Brown

Catalogue Number: 752607

Permanent colour creme dark brown 3-0 napro Indications Intensive care with apricot oil full cover of 100 grey coverage. Dosage One use only Warnings Keep away from children and sunlight

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Napro Palette 7.0 Light Brown

Catalogue Number: 792608

Permanent colour creme. Rich, long-lasting colours. Intensive Care. Healthy Shine. 100 grey coverage. Dosage Empty contents of the Caring colour creme into the application bottle with Developer Emulsion and mix well. Easily apply the solution with the application bottle to dry hair and wait 30…

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Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde L1 Intensive Lightener

Catalogue Number: 764503

…for lustrous shine. Schwarzkopf Nordic Colours is a permanent lightening product. Nordic Blonde Toner contains a vital combination of toners and moisturisors to restore natural looking blonde tones, leaving you with shiny healthy looking blonde hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on broken…

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Schwarzkopf Brilliance 68 Chocolate Rush

Catalogue Number: 771310

Brilliance Intense Permanent Colour 68 Chocolate Rush with New Colour Protect Formula Indications Offers intense colours, that conserve their colour brilliance for a considerably longer period of time -as fascinating and everlasting as diamond. With colour protect formula, the colours remain intense…

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Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse 10 Pearl Blonde

Catalogue Number: 714973

…Perfect Mousse unique delivery system pumps out the following benefits: Permanent intense glossy colour, easy even application - like shampooing your hair, Light fluffy formula with soy protein and orchid extract cares for the hair. Ammonia Free.Perfect grey coverage. Smells great The formula with…

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Napro Palette 3.65 Choc Brown

Catalogue Number: 762605

Permanent. Rich, Long-lasting colour. Intensive care, healthy shine. Perfect for grey coverage. Indications If you have thick, shoulder-length hair or longer, we recommend you to use 2 packs. Dosage The packet contains: One tube of colour creme, a application bottle with Developer Emulsion, a sachet…

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