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Gripe Water Hartleys 200ml

Catalogue Number: 551300

a gentle way to relieve the pain of wind and minor tummy upsets contains speciall selected natural calminative herbs together with meadowsweet recognised for its antacid action. Dosage shake well before use newborn infants 2.5ml 1-6 months 5ml 6-24 months 10ml children over 2 years 10-15ml not more…

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Natures Sunshine Lower Bowel Stimulant 425Mg Capsules 100

Catalogue Number: 899701

A herbal laxative combination to assist in the relief of constipation and help reduce any associated digestive discomfort or griping. The laxative herbs include Cascara and Buckthorn to assist intestinal peristalsis and help tone muscles of the digestive system. Ginger and Capsicum are included for…

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