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"Genital Warts"

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Wart Off 6ml

Catalogue Number: 563011

Wart Remover for common plantar warts Indications Removes warts quickly, destroys wart tissue, safe effective, special pinpoint applicator, maximum strength. How to use: mask the area around the wart by smearing petroleum jelly around it.Apply a very small amount of wart off on the top of the wart

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Condyline Paint 0.5% 3.5ml

Catalogue Number: 532900

…by Physician. Dosage Use only on affected parts only as directed by Physician. Warnings Do not use on face or non-affected areas of the anal or genital regioms.Pregnant or breast feeding women,infants or very small children,should not use Condyline Paint,except on medical advice.Flammable-Keep away…

Prescription Required

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