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Floss 100m

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Floss 100m

Oral B Floss Waxed 100m (2x50m)

Catalogue Number: 645841

floss helps your gums your teeth to stay healthy. Dosage wind 45cm of essential-floss dental floss around middle fingers. gently slide floss between teeth under gumline.curving floss around the tooth,use an up--down motion to remove plaque debris. repeat between all teeth contacts,advancing floss to…

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Colgate Dental Floss Total 100m

Catalogue Number: 765823

Mint flavour to help freshen your mouth floss coating contains tartar control ingredients and easily slides between teeth without shredding. 100m and made in brazil.

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CareDent PerioTape Normal Flossing Tape 100m

Catalogue Number: 799270

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