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Trafalgar First Aid Sport Kit 128 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 966600

The Sports First Aid Kit has been designed specifically to treat sporting injuries. Lightweight and containing 128 pieces, with a carry handle the kit can be easily carried to the site of the injury and eliminates the need to lug a larger kit around to sporting events. Kit Content: 50 x Adhesive…

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Surgipack First Aid Kit

Catalogue Number: 657761

Contents: saline solution 15ml x1 Swabs/ isoprophyl alcohol x4 Non adhesive dressing pad 7.5x5cm x1 Eye pad/ sterile x1 First aid strips x4 Paper tape 1.25cmx9m x1 Light crepe bandage 5cm x1 Conforming elastic gauze bandage 2.5cm x1 Conforming elastic guaze bandage 5cm x1 Scissors x1 Forceps x1…

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First Aid Kit Travel 75 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 726815

First Aid Travel Kit for Holidays, Camping, Anywhere Treatment rating for: Bleeding Fractures The Travel First Aid Kit provides the basics in an elegantly presented pack. This kit fits neatly in your vehicle glove box, backpack or luggage. A first aid kit is an important travel accessory for…

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Quickit First Aid Kit 25 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 737115

CONTENTS: First aid pamphlet x 1 Adhesive strip plaster x 10 Adhesive knucke plaster x 1 Adhesive square plaster x 1 Adhesive dressing x 2 Alcohol pad x 4 CPR face shield x 1 Splinter probes x 2 Made in China Trafalger First Aid 1300 361 899

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Medispot First Aid Kit 62 Piece

Catalogue Number: 525696

Overview 50 x Adhesive Strips 1 x Conforming Bandage 1 x Triangular Bandage 1 x Pair of Latex Gloves 1 x Wound Dressing Large 2 x Resealable Bags 2 x Wound Wipes 2 x Safety pins

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First Aid Kit Travel No 3

Catalogue Number: 559501

Contents: 1x cold pack instant small 1x eye pad single FAC 1x healaid cream 25g 1x splinter probe FAC single disp. 1x triangular band disp 110x155cm 1x trafalger first aid pamphlet 1x resusi-safe FAC shield disp. 1x emergency thermal blanket 1x crepe med. band 7.5cm x 2m 1x gloves plastic disp. pair…

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First Aid Kit Car Hard Case Handy 4

Catalogue Number: 549503

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Trafalgar First Aid Outdoor & Leisure Kit 68 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 647996

…when enjoying the great outdoors. The Outdoor Leisure First Aid Kit has been specifically designed to ensure your covered at all times, including items such as, Adhesive strips, Antiseptics, Sunscreen, bandages and more. Kit Content: 50 x Adhesive Strips 2 x Antiseptic Cream Sachets 1 x Conforming…

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Trust First Aid Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 835076

…redness with an anti-inflammatory agent and moisturises the affected area to help soothe damaged skin. Antiseptic Cream is suitable for your first aid kit. Active Ingredients: Contains: Chlorhexidine Gluconate 1mg/g, Lignocaine Hydrochloride 10mg/g, Bufexamac 50mg/g. Also Contains: - Preservative -…

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Stop Itch Plus Fast Insect Bite Relief First Aid Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 571802

Fast relief from pain and itching caused by mosquitoes, bees, sandflies, jellyfish blue bottles, minor burns, rashes, cuts, scratches and sunburn. Indications Quickly helps soothe and relieve the pain, itching and swelling associated with insect bites and minor skin irritations. Dosage Apply…

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Emergency Blanket Surgipack 6016

Catalogue Number: 518504

…and over-exposure. The pack gives excellent protection against extreme conditions of cold or heat. Recommended for all first aid kits and especially for skiers, mountaineers and campers. Indications Essential for every first aid kit. Warnings HIghly inflamable and do not expose to naked flame.

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Mentholatum Ice Gel 100g

Catalogue Number: 564158

…Arthritis Pain and Backache. The ICE GEL therapy features: - Convenient and portable tube ndash for sports bag, handbag, home/office first aid kits - Water based, non-greasy formulation - No stains on clothing or bed linen - Easy to apply - Use when ice is not available Apply ICE GEL liberally…

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Triangular Bandage

Catalogue Number: 686732

110cm x 110cm x 155cm, 100 cotton bandage ideal for all first aid kits.

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antiseptic Spray With Aloe Vera 100ml

Catalogue Number: 773583

…of Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil - Contains Aloe vera for additional cooling and soothing effect - Convenient size for handbags and first aid kits - Free from synthetic parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances,…

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Manicare Nurses Scissors Blunt/Sharp Tips

Catalogue Number: 737348

…quality stainless steel nurses scissors essential for cutting swabs surgical dressing with safety ease. An essential tool for first aid cabinet or kit, for cutting swabs surgical dressing with safety ease. The sharp tip is useful for when precise cutting of dressing is required. The blunt tip…

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