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Ovuplan Pregnancy Planning Kit 10 Day

Catalogue Number: 941487

…in laboratory tests. The kit contains 10 ovulation tests and 1 pregnancy test. What It Is The OvuPlan ovulation test helps you predict the 2 days each month when you are most fertile and helps you to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. What It Does The OvuPlan ovulation test will show if…

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Babystart Fertility Test 2 Test

Catalogue Number: 571595

test which can give an indication of fertility - Useful for women aged 30 or more, those approaching menopause or with irregular cycles. - Over 99 accurate - Convenient in-stream urine test - Simple to use, gives result after 5 minutes - Contains 2 tests How does the Babystart Fertility Test work…

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Babystart Sperm Test 2 Test

Catalogue Number: 660678

…compared to a colour reference on the Babystart test cassette. The colour comparison will tell you whether the sperm concentration in the test sample is above 15 million/mL positive test or below 15 million/mL negative test. A positive test is not a fertility guarantee Sperm concentration is one of…

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Babystart Ovulation Test 5 Test

Catalogue Number: 165667

…- Over 99 accurate - Convenient in-stream urine test - Simple to use, gives result in 5 minutes - Contains 5 tests How the Babystart Ovulation test works The Babystart Ovulation Test is a simple at-home method of identifying a womans most fertile days. Hormonal signals can tell us when ovulation…

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Babystart Couples Pack 2 Test

Catalogue Number: 014760

…Female Fertility Test A simple rapid screening test that measures the hormone FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone concentration in urine. Rising levels of FSH can be associated with reduced fertility. Male Fertlity Test A rapid diagnostic test of sperm concentration in semen. A unique home test

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Babystart Ovulation Microscope 1 Test

Catalogue Number: 044578

…- the most fertile time in your menstrual cycle - to indicate the best time to have intercourse when planning a pregnancy. Identifies the best days to conceive - Personal microscope which can help predict times of peak fertility - Handy, re-usable device - Saliva-based test - Simple convenient…

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