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Ferinject Vial 500mg/10ml X 1

Catalogue Number: 972320

Prescription Required

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Fab Iron Liquid Iron 250ml

Catalogue Number: 812997

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Clements Iron 500ml

Catalogue Number: 545343

Clements Iron Oral Liquid Iron Enriched Dietary supplement Balanced with vitamins and minerals Recomended for Dietary iron deficiency, teenage girls and adult women, expectant and nursing mothers, when recovering from illness. Indications A balanced formula of iron supported with other essential…

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Cenovis Iron Plus 80 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 467551

Cenovis Iron Plus contains a bioavailable form of iron for better absorption. This form of iron is gentle on the stomach and may be preferred option for low constipation over ferrous sulfate. Iron helps the body produce energy and adequate iron intake during pregnancy is important for normal foetal…

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Blackmores Pregnancy Iron 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 943531

It supplies a form of iron with superior absorption if taken as directed compared to some other forms of iron including ferrous sulfate. The new one-a-day formula is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. One-a-day formula Low constipation, low nausea Plus B and C vitamins and beta-carotene to support…

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Swisse Ultiboost Iron 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 712957

…of iron can result in a decreased delivery of oxygen to cells which may deplete energy levels. Swisse Ultiboost Iron can assist in the managment of dietary iron deficiency and provide support during pregnancy when the body requires increased levels of iron. Utilises a natural form of iron to REDUCE…

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Floradix Herbal Iron Extract 250ml

Catalogue Number: 863941

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Maltofer Oral Iron Syrup 150ml

Catalogue Number: 844718

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Blackmores Bio Iron Advanced 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 995776

…a form of iron with superior absorption if taken as directed compared to some other forms of iron including ferrous sulfate. It helps reduce fatigue and tiredness caused by low iron intake. Supports healthy energy levels and vitality when iron levels are low. Supplies a form of iron with better…

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VitaScience Organic Iron Plus 30 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 698035

…VitaScience Organic Iron Plus provides a source of iron that can assist in maintaining normal blood and may help support normal iron levels in healthy individuals when dietary intake is inadequate. Organic Iron Plus may assist in the management of a dietary iron deficiency. Iron is necessary for the…

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Natures Own Iron Plus 50mg 50 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 533186

Natures Own Iron Plus How this product works Maintaining normal blood health Assisting the body to produce energy Iron works as a blood tonic, Vitamin B6 is necessary for the formation haemoglobin, which transports oxygen to the tissues. Iron suppots healthy nervous function, Recommended adult…

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Thompsons Organic Iron 24mg 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 756948

…tonic that helps maintain normal blood in healthy individuals - Useful during pregnancy when a womans iron need increases - May assist in the management of dietary iron deficiency - Iron is necessary for the formation of haemoglobin which transports oxygen to the tissues Suitable For: - Healthy…

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Ethical Nutrients Megazorb Mega Iron 30 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 845267

…applications: Iron Max contains iron and cofactors that may assist: - Iron supplementation. - Normal red blood cells. - Cellular energy and healthy immunity. - The elderly, vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women and athletes. Ingredients: Each capsule contains: - Iron amino acid chelate Iron

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Floradix Formula Herbal Iron Extract 500ml

Catalogue Number: 628490

iron plus yeast, vitamins, herbs in a base of fruit juices, honey and wheat germ. Provides nutritional iron. Helps maintain vitality, energy, stamina, fitness and general health. Indications Floradix formula for iron deficiency and assistance in maintaining normal blood. For high loss of iron

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Oriental Botanicals Iron Excel 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 094941

…pregnancy How it works Oriental Botanicals Iron ExcelTM is a premium formula of Iron Glycinate combined with nutrients that specifically enhance iron absorption and utilisation, to help maintain healthy iron stores and support energy production. This form of iron is highly bioavailable and easily…

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