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Face Bleach

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Face Bleach

Nair Facial Hair Bleach 28g

Catalogue Number: 501261

Nair Cream Hair Bleach is a quick and easy way to gently lighten hair on your face and body, so it blends with your natrual skin tone. Nair Cream Hair Bleach acts quickly in as little as 7 minutes and is freshly scented, with no unpleasant ammonia smell. Enriched with Baby Oil and Vitamin E. Nair…

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John Plunketts Superfade Face Cream 40ml

Catalogue Number: 742506

…on the face in 6-8 weeks. Non greasy and can be used under makeup. Superfade Face Cream works by disabling melanocytes, which produce melanin and can cause unwanted pigmentation. The active ingredient is an effective inhibitor of melanin production. The combination of Superfade Face Creams powerful…

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Veet Face Easy Grip Wax Strips For Sensitive Skin 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 845464

Easy Grip Ready-To-Use wax strips with Vitamin E and Almond Oil for sensitive skin. Contains 20 wax strips and 4 fresh wipes

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Futuro 09033 Sport Wrist Adjustable

Catalogue Number: 667511

…wrist support is carefully designed to provide comfort and fit to support your active life Dosage Unroll support and be sure that smooth side faces skin , insert thumb into loop Place support so that it falls over the top of wrist attach velcro band strap to the support Adjust tension until…

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Nair Easiwax Mini Wax Strips 20 Small

Catalogue Number: 541262

Nair Easywax reusable hair removing wax strips for face and sensitive skin, leaves skin silky smooth. Indications Nair Easiwax Mini Strips remove unwanted hair from the face and other sensitive areas, quickly and easily. In just minutes, your skin will be left silky smooth and hair-free for up to…

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John Plunketts Superfade Cream 60ml

Catalogue Number: 540424

…areas. SUPERFADE RANGE REGIMEN Morning Clean skin Superfade Cream / Superfade Face Cream apply to pigmented area only Superfade Sunscreen SPF30 / Superfade UV Day Shield to exposed skin Daytime Superfade Cream / Superfade Face Cream apply to pigmented area only Superfade Sunscreen SPF30 / Superfade…

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Nair Precision Facial Hair Remover Cream 20g

Catalogue Number: 699554

…Hair Remover Cream is specially formulated for use on the sensitive skin on the face and is an easy way to remove unwanted hair from upper lip, chin and cheeks. The contoured Applicator tip follows the curves of your face for maximum coverage and hair removal. Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Baby…

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Futuro 09037 Sport Ankle Adjustable

Catalogue Number: 677518

…product free of charge. CARE: Wash with mild soap in warm not hot water rinse well air dry. Dosage To Wear 1. Position support with smooth side facing skin. place heel securely in loop Wrap support over the top of foot towards inside of foot. 2. Wrap support under foot arch and over top of foot.…

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Clearasil Ultra 20g

Catalogue Number: 581003

…bacteria. -Opens Pimples -Absorbs Excess Oil -Dries and Treats. Treatment cream for stubborn pimples. Dosage 1 Wash face thoroughly. best results use a clearasil face wash daily. 2 Apply Clearasil Ultra Treatment cream to the areas affected by pimples. For the first week apply once daily.…

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Waxeeze Depilatory Wax 375g

Catalogue Number: 523267

…Indications warm wax spreads easily comfortably. it does not drag at skin hair suitable for any part of the body, such as legs, bikini line, underarms face microwaveable washes off in water, no more messy pots. made in australia from australian sugar Dosage pack contains depillatory wax 375g, 10…

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Nair Cream Sensitive Hair Remover 75g

Catalogue Number: 571265

…bikini area and face too. Enriched with sweet almond oil and baby oil, nair also helps moisturise skin leaving it soft and silky smooth. Nair sensitive cream hair remover is dermatologist tested. Nair offers a complete range of depilatory creams, wax strips, liquid wax and bleach. Dosage Smooth nair…

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Veet Sensitive Hair Removal Cream 100ml

Catalogue Number: 572261

…cream, Aloe Vera Vitamin E Procedure takes 5 mins. Hair removal system for sensitive skin. Designed for legs, underarms and bikini line, not for face. Directions: Apply with back of spatula. Remove with head of spatula. Rinse of with cold water Read inclosed leaflet. Warnings Keep out of reach of…

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Nads Facial Wax Strips 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 609281

…sensitive delicate areas, Nads Facial Hair Removal Strips are perfect. Easy to use any time any where. Suitable for sensitive delicate areas such as face and bikini line. Use the normal Nads Hair Removal Strips for larger areas such as legs. Tips: For best results hair should be 3 to 5 mm long. For…

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Waxaway Warm Wax 350g

Catalogue Number: 781671

…Wax, the original Microwaveable warm wax has a gel consistency for easy application. Waxaways organic formula is ideal for use on all parts of he face and body and each treatment will remove unwanted hair, keeping skin smooth for weeks. This special formulation contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids to…

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Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Skin 150ml

Catalogue Number: 754347

…skin or have any related skin disorders check with your doctor before use. TEST YOUR SKIN before using on a small area. NEVER spray directly on your face or underarms or bikini line. Product may cause surfaces to become slippery. Avoid spillage on carpets or clothing and flooring. Do not let product…

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