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"Eucalyptus Inhalant"

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Mentholaire Vaporiser Fluid 200ml

Catalogue Number: 545316

For use with all steam vaporizers. A specially formulated inhalant medication for use in vaporizers. Soothing medicated steam helps relieve nasal congestion. Dosage Place 5-10ml into the medication holder directly below steam hole in vaporizer. Safety Warning: In the interest of public safety the…

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Euky Bear Inhalant For Use With Steam Inhalation Unit 200ml

Catalogue Number: 949755

…eu-clear eucalyptus inhalant releases its soothing medicated vapours in steam to help relieve the symptoms of colds and ease nasal stuffiness. Use in steam vaporiser or add directly to hot water. Indications In steam inhaler or basin - pur in hot water. Add 1ml of eu-clear inhalant to each 250ml…

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Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray 200g

Catalogue Number: 630821

Australian Eucalyptus Oil Fresh Forest Fragrance Indications Eucalyptus spray relieves muscular aches and pains, is a spot, stain and tar remover, a room freshener, laundry pre-wash and general purpose cleaner. Dosage DIRECTIONS Muscular aches and pains: spray affected muscles holding can 12 - 15cm…

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Goanna Eucalyptus Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 527193

…to a bowl or jug of boiling water and inhale the vapors to clear blocked stuffy noses. For adults and children it can be rubbed on the chest. Pour a few drops into a handkerchief, pillows, sheets and also add some drops to your bath water. Goanna eucalyptus oil can also be used for cleaning and…

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Euky Bearub 50g

Catalogue Number: 580113

…add 8g 2 teaspoonsful to a stable bowl of steaming hot water inhale vapour covering head with towel. Take care children cannot spill hot water over themselves. Alternatively, inhale using 2g 1/2 teaspoonful in a Euky Bear Vapor inhaler. Repeat as required every 6 hours. For added relief, massage…

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