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Epsom Salt

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Epsom Salt

Select Epsom Salt 500g

Catalogue Number: 788801

SELECT NATURALS - EPSOM SALTS The natural choice for good health Used in bath bombs and remedial practices. Product of Australia Store in a cool dry place Select Foods Pty Ltd. PH: 02 97255499 or 1800622619

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Gold Cross Epsom Salt 500g

Catalogue Number: 854584

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Epsom Salts 375g

Catalogue Number: 620874

Faulding epsom salts can be used to relax the body in a warm bath. Directions: Dissolve 375g in an average size bath of warm water. Some other uses for Epsom Salts reported to us by our customers: As a fertiliser - To help overcome magnesium and sulfur deficiencies in soil symptoms include yellow…

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