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"Electronic Nerve Stimulator"

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Pain Mate Tens Device

Catalogue Number: 199018

The TENS machine TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machines work by emitting a controlled micro-electronic current, called impulses, through the skin to block the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the bodys pain centre. TENS technology blocks the pain signals safely and…

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Omron Electronic TENS Massager HVF127

Catalogue Number: 736016

…including a special soft mode, its perfect for soothing overall fatigue and improves blood circulation in the treated areas. Includes: - Electronic Nerve Stimulator - Set of Long Life Pads - Electrode Cord with plug - Long Life Pad Holder - Soft Fabric Pouch - Battery Set AAA - LR03 - Instruction…

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Omron Long Life Pulse Massager Pad 1 x 2 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 692661

HV-LLPAD For use with Omron Electronic Pulse Massager and Electronic Nerve Stimulator Contains: 1 x 2 pieces Indications Applicable for models: hv-f122 , hv-f123 , hv-f124 , hv-f125 , hv-f16, hv-f127 , hv-f128 , hv-f158 , hv-f305 Dosage 1. Attach cord plug to the jumbo pad 2. Remove the transparent…

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