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Ear Clear Ear Ache Relief Drops 15ml

Catalogue Number: 680792

Ear Drops for Ear Ache relief. For the relief of pain associated with otitis media. Directions: Use at room temperature. If bottle is cold to the touch, warm in hand for a minute. Tilt head to one side with affected ear uppermost, fill ear canal and plug ear with cotton wool previously moistened…

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Aquaear Drops 35ml

Catalogue Number: 570245

…to one side and instil 4-6 drops in the ear. Hold in this position for one minute. Repeat for other ear. Warnings Keep bottle tightly closed. Do not use in blocked or severely inflamed ear canals, a perforated ear drum, or if a discharge, grommets, or ear ache is present. Consult a doctor if these…

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