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Dry Cough Mixture

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Dry Cough Mixture

Pharmacy Choice Dry Tickly Cough Medicine 200ml

Catalogue Number: 765132

Pharmacy Choice Dry Tickly Cough Medicine for the temporary relief of irritating cough. Forest Berry Flavour. Medicine measure enclosed. Free from sugar and alcohol. Suitable for diabetics. Each 5ml of oral liquid contains 5mg of Pholcodine. Directions: Adults children 12 years and over: 5 to 15ml…

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Pharmacy Choice Dry Cough 200ml

Catalogue Number: 755134

Pharmacy Choice Dry Cough Mixture contains a therapeutic quanity of active ingredients for fast, effective relief from the symptoms of colds. Nasal congestion running nose Sneezing watery or itchy eyes Supresses coughs Phenyleprine, a decongestant, relieves nasal congestion associated with colds and…

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Neilmed Sinus Rinse Refills 120

Catalogue Number: 642568

Neilmeds Sinus Rinse. 100 Premixed Packets for soothing saline nasal rinse. Ph balanced mixture. Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate. USP grade for soothing nasal and sinus irrigation. Preservative free and iodine free. This box DOES NOT contain bottle cap or tube. Indications Helps alleviate…

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