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First Aid Choice Extra Wide Fabric Strip 50

Catalogue Number: 633451

…Premium Extra Wide Fabric Strips with flexibility. Indications CONFORMING COMFORTABLE: flexibility for comfort NON-STICK WOUND PAD: protective cushion for the wound VENTILATED: allows wound to breath while healing EXTRA HOLD: adhesive that holds on ISLAND DRESSING: all round seal that helps exclude…

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Primapore Dress Strip 6cm X 1m 042733

Catalogue Number: 558702

Primapore is an adhesive wound dressing with a non-adherent absorbent melolin pad. The adhesive backing is soft, conformable and water repellent. Indications Primapore is ideal for delicate, fragile skin and can be easily applied to awkward areas such as elbows. It is soft and flexible, low-allergy,…

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Elastoplast 48602 Heavy Duty Fabric Waterproof 8 Strips

Catalogue Number: 839041

…plaster membrane keeps the wound dry and protected from dirt and bacteria. The super strong adhesion sticks reliably without leaving any residues. Dressing length which can be cut to the ideal size Elastoplast HEAVY FABRIC WATERPROOF is the first heavy fabric plaster that provides waterproof wound…

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Elastoplast 46040 Sensitive Dressing Strips 6 X 10CM

Catalogue Number: 518764

Reduces pressure relieves pain. Helps blisters heal faster. Seals effectively against dirt bacteria. Indications content:6 pieces strong adhesion for extra stick. Dosage for application advice,see packaging insert.

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J&J Bandaid Fabric Dressing Strip 1m x 6cm

Catalogue Number: 953785

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Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Tough Strips 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 605576

strips Indications Super stick adhesive stays on until you want it off Heavy duty fabric for superior protection Helps seal out dirt and germs Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages helps cuts heal twice as fast as uncovered cuts. Dosage Skin should be clean and dry before using dressin. Change dressing

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Elastoplast Heavy Duty Fabric Strips 20

Catalogue Number: 772824

strips are suitable for covering all types of smaller wounds. The material stretches with the skins movements. The highly absorbent, non-sticky wound pad protects and cushions the wound. The Sure Stick adhesive ensures extra strong sticking power. The bandages are available as strips as dressing

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Coverplast Classic Assorted Strips 20

Catalogue Number: 856431

Coverplast Classic Fabric dressings are ideal for use with cuts, lacerations and skin loss wounds. Composed of an absorbent, low-adherent pad backed by a high quality stretch fabric, Coverplast Classic Fabric dressings are both practical and highly conformable. The strong, porous adhesive ensures a…

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Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Fabric 50 Strips

Catalogue Number: 643801

…helps promote faster natural healing. Contoured Protection, for hard to bandage areas like elbows knees and fingers. Hard Wearing Fabric, which helps to prevent the bandage from fraying. Dosage Skin should be clean and dry before using dressing. change dressing daily. Storage in a dry and safe area.

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Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Plastic 50 Strips

Catalogue Number: 518607

…To help bandages stay on. Breathable: All-purpose protection that lets wound breathe. Side Seals: Around pad to protect your wound against infection. Sterile: Sterility guaranteed unless individual envelope opened. Dosage Skin should be clean and dry before using dressing. Change dressing daily.

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First Aid Choice Sheer Plastic Strips 50

Catalogue Number: 623453

first aiders choice ventilated 19mm x 72mm 50 premium plastic strips Indications ventilated-allows wound to breathe while healing non-stick wound pad-protective cushion for the wound conforms-flexibility for comfort island seal-all round seal helps exclude dirt sterile-individually wrapped for your…

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Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Princess 15 Strips

Catalogue Number: 983217

…wound against infection. Sterile: Sterility guaranteed unless individual envelope opened. Dosage Skin should be clean and dry before using dressing. Change dressing daily. Warnings Johnson Johnson Consumer Service Centre: Australia 1800 029 979. New Zealand 0800 446 147. South Africa 0800 410 032.

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Elastoplast 11471 Aqua Protect Waterproof Strips 40

Catalogue Number: 514668

Waterproof superior strips that let air in while keeping dirt, germs and water out. New waterproof superior strips from elastoplast now offer the most complete wound protection. Indications Wrapped And Sterilized: The technically advanced first aid dressing. Unique Microporous Film: Contains tiny…

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First Aiders Choice Fabric Strip 60mmx0.5m 1 Roll

Catalogue Number: 631474

…fabric dressing strip Indications Cut to size - ideal for wound require larger coverage Conforming comfortable - flexibilty for comfort Non-stick wound pad - protective cushion for thw wound Ventilated - allow wound to breathe while healing Extra Hold - adhesive that holds on Dosage Cut dressing o…

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Leukostrip 3 Pouches of 3 Strips (6.4mm x 76mm)

Catalogue Number: 544702

…Closure Strips to opposite side of cut, being careful not to overstretch strip. Apply additional strips along length of cut, approximately 5mm apart. 4. Wound can then be covered with a wound pad such as Melolin or Cutilin, or a conformable dressing such as Cutiplast steril or a waterproof dressing

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