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Accu-Chek Guide Meter Kit

Catalogue Number: 378634

…vial, wide test strip dosing area, strip port light and strip ejector button can help make every day glucose monitoring easier. Benefits and Features: - Proven accuracy that exceeds current ISO standards - Have the option of transmitting results to the Accu-Chek Connect diabetes management app…

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Accu-Chek Guide 100 Test Strips

Catalogue Number: 022820

Diabetes is complex. Your testing doesnt have to be with the Accu-Chek Guide test strips. With a fumble-free SmartPack vial and a design that lets you place a small drop of blood anywhere along the end of the strip, its a surprisingly simple way to manage your diabetes. Benefits and features: -…

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Accu-Chek Performa 100 Test Strips

Catalogue Number: 756648

…people with diabetes. Use only as directed and see your healthcare professional for medical advice. Test strip features - Fast test time - The test time of 5 seconds makes the Accu-Chek Performa system one of the fastest on the market. - Small blood sample - Accu-Chek Performa test strips only…

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Dr. Sandra Cabot Diabetes Type 2: You Can Reverse It Naturally

Catalogue Number: 748833

…loss. - The nutrients that diabetics are typically deficient in, that can lead to poor blood sugar control. - How to reduce your risk of diabetic complications such as blindness, heart attacks, nerve damage and erectile dysfunction. - The essential tests that all diabetics must have regularly to…

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Eulactol Heel Balm Gold 120ml

Catalogue Number: 719111

…rough, dry and cracked skin. Non-greasy Works in 7 days Fragrance free Hypoallergenic Visible results in 3 days Dermatologically tested Suitable for people with diabetes and sensitive skin. Directions: Apply twice daily to clean dry skin. Once the skin is restored, continue to use as necessary, to…

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Waterpik Ultra Waterflosser

Catalogue Number: 805672

…for Australias 1 million diabetics Studies show that people with diabetes may get periodontal disease earlier and more severely. The Waterpik Water Flosser is one of the few home care products tested on people with diabetes. A Waterpik Water Flosser is ideal for a diabetics oral health because it…

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Accu-Chek Mobile Meter Kit

Catalogue Number: 740753

…Mobile test cassettes are NDSS listed for insulin-requiring people with diabetes. This product features: - Clinically proven to help reduce HbA1c - Use in 4 simple steps: - Open cover - Take blood sample - Apply sample - Read results and close cover - 1 cassette holds 50 blood glucose tests on a…

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Abbott Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Catalogue Number: 779938

Discreet Testing FreeStyle Lite is designed for people with busy lifestyles or who have the need for easy and discreet testing. With no coding required, the FreeStyle Lites discreet size with built in backlight and portlight make it ideal for quick and reliable testing on the go. Key Features: - No…

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iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

Catalogue Number: 935828

…that can fit your testing necessities. Its user-friendly, small, and inconspicuous design makes testing more discreet in public. Directions: 1. Scan test strip bottle and take out a test strip 2. Insert test strip and the device is ready to go 3. Prick your finger and place the test strip into the…

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Dermal Therapy Heel Magic 70g

Catalogue Number: 759187

…great. Just apply twice a day morning and evening and youll see the magic of Dermal Therapy within 3 days Clinically tested to hydrate rough, dry heels feet Paraben free formula Diabetic friendly Easy to use, no-mess stick applicator Convenient size to fit in your bag Directions: Rub Dermal Therapy…

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Accu-Chek Performa Glucose Meter Fastclix

Catalogue Number: 759503

…SELF TESTING. How to use the Accu-Chek Performa blood glucose meter Get results in 3 steps: - Insert your test strip into the meter and it turns on automatically. - Apply your blood sample to the easy-to-see yellow window. Only 1 small drop is needed. - In approximately 5 seconds, your test results…

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Abbott Freestyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

Catalogue Number: 682481

…blood ketone testing 1,2 - Trend indicators highlight when your blood glucose patterns need attention - Insulin logging helps you track your insulin doses - Clear, sharp screen is icon driven easy to read1 even in direct sunlight - No chip or coding required - Fast 5 second test time - Small blood…

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Eulactol Heel Balm Gold 60ml

Catalogue Number: 643891

…Heel Balm Gold is clinically proven to repair and relieve rough, dry and cracked skin. - dermatologically tested - fragrance free - hypoallergenic - suitable for people with diabetes and sensitive skin Dosage Directions: Apply twice daily to clean dry skin. Once the skin is restored, continue…

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Scholl Corn Shield Gel Plasters 6 Pack

Catalogue Number: 630975

…hydrates and softens the corn, to aid natural removal. They are waterproof, breathable, repels dirt and bacteria and are dermatologically tested. Laboratory tests have proven superior that this product provides superior cushioning protection compared to a leading hydrocolloid plaster. Hydra-Gel is…

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Veet Facial EasyGrip Wax Strips Wax Strips Sensitive Skin 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 845464

…17. Waxing is suitable for pregnant women but may cause bruising. Before every use, TEST YOUR SKIN REACTION by applying and then removing the wax strip on a small part of the area you wish to treat. Please also test the wipe provided on the skin, following the directions for use. If after 24 HOURS…

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