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Fittydent Denture Adhesive T/Paste 40g

Catalogue Number: 745100

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Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Wafers Uppers 30 Pack

Catalogue Number: 883804

…the denture. The side with the pink tint should be placed against the denture. Dont worry if there is a slight variation in the pink color, as it does not impact hold. Sea-Bond Denture Adhesive is not a paste or a powder, but a thin wafer seal with three powerful adhesives that holds dentures in…

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Polident Denture Cleanser Fresh Active Express 36 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 593065

Fresh Active Polident Denture Cleanser 3mins or Overnight. Anti-bacterial Denture Odour Control Super Strength with Stain Fighting Enzymes Leaves dentures minty fresh Indications - Anti-bacterial denture odour control - Super strength with stain fighting enzymes - Removes even stubborn stains in…

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Steradent Active Plus 48 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 596062

…50 degree Cel. 3. Place your denture into glass, using enough water to cover the denture 4. Leave denture to soak for 10 minutes. 5. Rinse denture thoroughly before placing back in mouth. Contains 10 g/kg Sulfamic Acid. Dosage Do not swallow. Brush and rinse dentures, place in water as hot as the…

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Snug Denture Cushions 2

Catalogue Number: 556061

…for the upper and lower plates. Indications The cushions are designed to hold dentures firm and tight. The cushions last for weeks and outlast pastes and powders. The snug cushions are for use on plastic dentures. Dosage Snug cushions are designed for temporary use until you can see your dentist.…

$5.99 Out of Stock

GUM Denture Brush

Catalogue Number: 844511

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Denture Brush Double Sided

Catalogue Number: 605122

Denture Brush,Twin Cleaner...

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Oral B Denture Brush

Catalogue Number: 867134

…bristles: Prevent breakage Large, easy-grip handle: Provides effective control and manoeuvrability. Many dentures require daily brushing for freshness and effective surface stain removal. If youre looking for help with cleaning your dentures, try the Oral-B Denture Brush for an effective clean.

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Steradent Denture Paste 115g

Catalogue Number: 566068

Steradent denture paste removes stains and plaque build up on full and partial dentures, also cleans natural teeth and has a peppermint flavour that leaves your mouth feeling fresh. Clean, fresh confidence everyday. Also available in powder and tablets. Indications Ingredients: Calcium carbonate,…

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Holdtite Denture Adhesive Cream 58g

Catalogue Number: 574953

…and give you even more confidence. Dosage Clean dentures thoroughly. For upper denture, squeeze short strips of HOLDTITE CREAM, LONG grooves and down the centre line.For lower denture, squeeze one or more thin strips in centre groove. Press denture firmly into position and hold for a few minutes…

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Fittydent Denture Adhesive Cushion 15

Catalogue Number: 735102

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Steradent Ultra 3 Denture Fixative Cream 40g

Catalogue Number: 890556

Steradent ultra 3 denture fixative cream secure all day hold seals out food and cushions the gums. Indications 3 phase formula to hold your dentures secure all day , helps stop irratating food from getting under the denture, reduces discomfort caused by rubbing, provides comfort by cushioning the…

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Polident Denture Cleanser Whitening 36 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 727432

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Cal-Dent Once A Week Denture Cleaner 16 sachets

Catalogue Number: 870772

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Sea Bond Denture Adhesive Wafers Lowers 30 Pack

Catalogue Number: 884118

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