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Dax Wax Green and Gold Extra Strength 99g

Catalogue Number: 402459

Strong hold wax. A specially formulated wax made from beeswax and natural oils. Offers a strong hold without unwanted build-up or drying of the hair. Can be used for spiking or sculpting. Best applied on short clean, damp or dry hair.

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Dax Wax Water Soluble 99g

Catalogue Number: 600782

Dax Wax Water Soluble Wax is a styling wax that washes out with ease. Works just as effectively as other Dax Waxes but can be washed out more readily. NEW water rinseable formula makes DAX Hair Wax an everyday styling product. As strong holding as DAX Wave Groom, however washes out hassle-free with…

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Dax Wax Shaper Silver 99g

Catalogue Number: 383992

DAX Hair Shaper Silver provides excellent pliability to create the most exceptional natural looking styles. Works best for short to medium length hair to scrunch, mold, slick and style. Apply onto damp or dry hair. Medium hold.

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Dax Wax Super Neat 85g

Catalogue Number: 934246

Dax Super Neat Hair Cream is a water rinseable hair conditioner. It offers a light hold, is perfect for all hair types and styles, and has the ability to create a soft, natural look. This light hair creme holds in style and washes out easily under water. Suitable for short to medium length hair. DAX

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Dax Wax Neat Waves Original 99g

Catalogue Number: 689957

DAX Neat Waves infused with 100 Lanolin, Neat Waves will moisturize and soften your hair while providing the perfect hold for the perfect style. Added conditioners provide maximum shine without the super-greasy after feel, providing you with medium hold and maximum shine. Locks in moisture Provides…

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Dax Wax Short and Neat 99g

Catalogue Number: 201080

…Oil helps minimize frizz and enhance curl. Adds shine. Dax Short Neat will lock moisture into hair, leave hair healthy and shiny and can be used for light hold or to spike, sculpt or mould hair Usage Instructions: Rub desired amount of DAX Short Neat between palms. Apply to clean, damp or dry hair.…

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Dax Wax Wave and Groom Red 99g

Catalogue Number: 871413

Spike your hair to the max or bring out your natural wave with Dax Wax Wave Groom. This product is especially ideal for use with short hair. Features Benefits: Best applied on clean, damp or dry hair. Best if used on short hair. Designed for spiking and sculpting your desired look. Directions: Hair…

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