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Related Categories: Calcium Citrate | Calcium

Citracal 250mg Tabs 120

Catalogue Number: 649528

ultadense high absorption no gas Indications recommended as a source of calcium. may assist in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, in maintaining healthy bones, decreasing bone breakdown and to stabilise bone mass. may be source of calcium where there is proven calcium malaabsorption and…

$10.99 Out of Stock

Citracal + D Tabs 100 (Calcium + Vitamin D)

Catalogue Number: 725234

Recommended as a source of calcium. May assists in the treatment prevention of osteoporosis,in maintaining healthy bones,decreasing bone breakdown stabilising bone mass. Contains no salt,lactose,sugar,artificial colouring is gluten free. Vitamin D has been added to assist in the absorption of…

$14.99 Out of Stock

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