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Hamilton Urederm Cream 10% 100g

Catalogue Number: 596426

Urederm restores moisture and suppleness to dry, rough and flaking skin. Urederm is lanolin free and unperfumed to minimise the possibility of skin reactions. The ideal treatment for chronic dry skin problems including ichthyosis, hyperkeratosis, xeroderma and atropic dermatitis.

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Calmurid Cream 100g

Catalogue Number: 534222

In servere cases a thick layer of Calmurid should be applied and left to penetrate the skin for 3-5 minutes. The cream can then be smoothed in and excess wiped off. Calmurid should be applied after washing or bathing. Indications Dry and hyperkeratotic skin conditions, ichthyosis, as adjunct theropy…

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Olay Moisturising Cream 100g

Catalogue Number: 547320

Olay Moisturising Cream Softens Smoothes skin. This cream goes beyond skin replenishment, to provide moisture nourishment for up to 12 hours. It significantly improves skin smoothness and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles to leave even dry skin youthful looking. Its formula: - contains a special…

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Olay Moisturising Cream Sensitive Skin 100g

Catalogue Number: 633436

Formulated specifically for sensitive, delicate skin, Olay Moisturising Cream actively hydrates and maintains the skins natural moisture balance. Olay Moisturising Cream for Sensitive Skin is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic, colour and fragrance free, non-greasy and fast absorbing. It…

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Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser With Vitamin E 100g

Catalogue Number: 767275

With 10 plant derived glycerine, restoring with vitamin E. Redwin sensitive skin sorbolene moisturiser softens skin and can make it feel silky smooth and clean. The soothing nature of the cream makes it a preferred moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin, suitable for the whole family. - Fragrance…

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