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Bathox Bath Foam & Shower Gel Arthritis 500ml

Catalogue Number: 693966

…than a cure, Arthritis Bath Foam and Shower Gel soothes your joints. Contains essential oils herbs. Not a cure not a medication for comfort only. Provides a dose of soothing comfort. Indications: While it doesnt provide a cure, Bath foam shower gel sure does provide a dose of soothing comfort.…

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Bathox Mens Refreshing Shower Gel 500ml

Catalogue Number: 434784

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Bathox Bath Foam & Shower Gel Milk & Honey 500ml

Catalogue Number: 602385

…skin. Feel lush. - Bath foam shower gel - Adds moisture to your dry skin - Soap free Indications: Relax in a milk honey bath foam shower gel Dosage: Use Bathox Milk Honey Body Wash daily in the bath or shower. For a bath, pour into warm running water. For a shower, place a small amount onto a wet…

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Bathox Bath Foam & Shower Gel Aloe Vera 500ml

Catalogue Number: 614960

Put life back into dry skin with rich creamy lather of Aloe Vera Body Wash. Cleanses skin without stripping essential moisture from your skin.

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Bathox Bath Foam & Shower Gel Coconut Milk 500ml

Catalogue Number: 827654

The Natural Moisturiser Coconut has properties to moisturise and protect your bodyfrom drying out.

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Bathox Body Wash Shower Gel Goats Milk With Oatmeal Extract 500ml

Catalogue Number: 871323

Soothing and Protective - experience the wonders of Goats Milk with Oatmeal Extract. Known for its gentle cleansing and moisturising properties.

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Bathox Bath Foam & Shower Gel Wild Berries Strawbery & Raspberry 500ml

Catalogue Number: 605967

Strawberry Raspberry Wild Berries bath foam shower gel for soft skin. Soap Free. Pure Natural Moisturiser. Indications: Enjoy the aroma of fresh-picked strawberry and raspberry wild berries every time you bathe or shower. Contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. Dosage: For a…

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Bathox Bath Foam & Shower Gel Aromatherapy Rose and Jasmine Oil 500ml

Catalogue Number: 809895

Revitalise and uplift your senses with a lingering delicate floral fragrance.

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