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Elastoplast Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 1.5m

Catalogue Number: 511608

The Elastoplast Conforming Bandage provides support for injured joints in high movement areas like the wrist, thigh or knee. Commonly used as a dressing retention, the bandages conform to the shape of the applied area and provide relief and light compression. Durable and lightweight with a high…

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Nexcare Steri-Strip Skin Closures White 6mm x 75mm

Catalogue Number: 976188

Nexcare Steri-Strip Skin Closures are ideal for securing, closing and supporting small cuts and wounds and for wound support following suture or staple removal. 5 strips per envelope, 20 envelopes per pack. 3mm x 75mm They hold firmly in place, and are breathable for greater comfort. - Sterile,…

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Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof Plasters 8cm x 10cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 700910

Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof Plasters contain antiseptic silver to prevent infections and keep wounds clean. The extra-large wound pad is non-stick and effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria. Covers larger wounds and minimises healing complications. The waterproof plaster material…

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Handy Bandage Clip No4146 Singles

Catalogue Number: 584600


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Band-Aid First Aid Non-Irritating Paper Tape 9.1m

Catalogue Number: 912765

First Aid Paper Tape is hypoallergenic and breathable, ideal for when frequent bandage changes are required. Taping bandages around wounds helps seal out dirt and germs to protect from infection. First Aid Paper Tape has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. For best results: 1. Clean -…

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Medstock Conforming Elastic Bandage 5cm x 1.8m 1 Piece

Catalogue Number: 622044

Medstock Conforming is an elastic bandage made from cotton, viscous and polyester. It is ideal for the binding of various body parts, supporting sprains and soft tissue injuries, fixation of wound dressings and the protection of fragile skin. - Soft and gentle on skin - Highly stretchable - It…

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Elastoplast Elastic Tubular Support Bandage Size E 1 pack

Catalogue Number: 852674

The Elastoplast Elastic Tubular Support Bandage is a comfortable and simple solution to tired, aching limbs. Provides moderate compression and warmth to help reduce swelling and support joints during physical activity. The elastic bandage also doubles up as a quick and effective way to secure wound…

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Cutilin 76242 10 X 10cm Single

Catalogue Number: 529404

…sterile, absorbent dressing 10cmX10cm 1 dressing Indications Sterile unless package is damaged or opened. For single use only. Place film side to wound. can then be secured with surgical tape Leukopor, Leukofix, wide area fixation Fixomull stretch, confirming cohesive bandage handygauze cohesive

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Elastoplast Medium Weight Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 1.6m

Catalogue Number: 506608

High quality, medium weight cotton bandage. General High quality, medium weight cotton bandage. Dressing retention where light compression is reqiured. Cool comfortable bandaging is preferred. Indications TO WASH: Use luke warm soapy water. Rinse in fresh water dry on evening surfacewithout…

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Handy Gauze 8633 Cohesive 6cmx4m

Catalogue Number: 541602

…and does not restrict movement Non slip- holds dressing securely in place Dosage DIRECTIONS: Simply apply the bandage using a 1/3 overlap, cut and press the end down on itself. No need for bandage clips. Store the remaining bandage in its box to be used when needed. Storage Keep in box until needed.

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Bodigrip Tubular Bandage D 7.5CM X 1M Flesh

Catalogue Number: 729927

…knee, bandage width 7.5cm, joint/limb circumference 25 - 35cm Size E for large ankle/mediumknee/small thigh, bandage width 8.75cm, joint/limb circumference 35 - 44cm Size F for large knee/medium thigh, bandage width 10cm, joint/limb circumference 44 - 50cm Size G for large thigh, bandage width 12cm,…

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Surgipack First Aid Kit

Catalogue Number: 657761

…15ml x1 Swabs/ isoprophyl alcohol x4 Non adhesive dressing pad 7.5x5cm x1 Eye pad/ sterile x1 First aid strips x4 Paper tape 1.25cmx9m x1 Light crepe bandage 5cm x1 Conforming elastic gauze bandage 2.5cm x1 Conforming elastic guaze bandage 5cm x1 Scissors x1 Forceps x1 Latex free glove 2pr 4pcs x1

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Trafalgar First Aid Outdoor & Leisure Kit 68 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 647996

…Sunscreen, bandages and more. Kit Content: 50 x Adhesive Strips 2 x Antiseptic Cream Sachets 1 x Conforming Bandage 5cm 1 x CPR Shield 2 x Disposable Latex Gloves 1 x First Aid Guide 1 x Resealable Bag 2 x Safety Pins 2 x Saline Pods 2 x Sunscreen Sachets 1 x Triangular Bandage 1 x Wound Dressing…

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First Aid Kit Travel 75 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 726815

…strips 1 Bandage conforming 7.5cm 5 cotton balls 10 Cotton buds 1 CPR shield 1 Disposable latex gloves pair 1 Eye pad 1 First aid guide 1 Gauze swab 5cm x 2 1 Notepad 25 pages 1 Pencil 1 Resealable bag - small 1 Resealable bag - medium 10 Safety pins 2 Splinter probes 1 Triangle bandage 1 Tweezers…

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