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Lamisil Spray 15ml

Catalogue Number: 628060

…is Lamisil Spray used for Lamisil Spray is used to treat tinea infections of the skin, such as athletes foot tinea between the toes, jock itch tinea of the groin and ringworm tinea of the body, and athletes foot tinea between the toes. How to use Lamisil Spray - Apply Lamisil Spray once a day for…

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Excilor Protector Spray 3-In-1 Foot Spray 100ml

Catalogue Number: 408933

…Protector Spray is the first product in a spray format to protect against plantar verrucas, athletes foot and fungal infections. Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray creates an effective, easy-to-apply, safe and non-greasy invisible barrier against the contraction of verrucas, athletes foot, nail fungus…

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Neat Feat Natural Antifungal Foot Spray 50ml

Catalogue Number: 193645

Foot Spray Microbiological test results were effective against a group of Fungi called Dermatophytes: 99.9 effective. Active ingredients: Melaleuca Oil - 50mg/ml, Azadirachta Indica Seed Oil Fixed - 10mg/ml Neat Feat Natural Antifungal Foot Spray provides symptomatic relief of Tinea/Athletes Foot,

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Spray 140g

Catalogue Number: 971166

…infections and the symptomatic relief of tinea athletes foot, spray the affected area holding the can 15 cm from the skin. - Personal Use: Spray footwear to help control foot odour. Spray sporting gear to freshen and clean. - Household Use: Spray bathrooms, benchtops, toilets, drains, oors, rubbish…

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Ego Solveasy Tinea Spray 16ml

Catalogue Number: 881360

SolvEasy Tinea Spray is an easy to use and effective weapon against Athletes Foot. The active ingredient in SolvEasy Tinea Spray, terbinafine hydrochloride, remains in the skin and continues to fight infection for more than 7 days after application ceases. Always read the label. Use only as…

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