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Oriental Botanicals Astragalus 8 Tablet 60

Catalogue Number: 798802

…to promote a healthy immune system and help restore good health. Astragalus 8 assists in the management of chronic fatigue syndrome, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, and recurrent colds, flu and sore throats. Astragalus 8 is best taken to support recovery during convalescence. It is not…

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Oriental Botanicals Astragalus 8 Tablets 120

Catalogue Number: 121684

OVERVIEW Chinese herbal medicine Oriental Botanicals Astragalus 8 is used to help the immune system and support a return to good health. The scientifically proven herb Astragalus is combined with seven other potent immune system herbs including Ganoderma Reishi, Codonopsis, Atractylodes,…

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Oriental Botanicals Astragalus 8 200ml

Catalogue Number: 636025

…Ligustrum and Licorice to create this modern Chinese herbal medicine. The herbs in Astragalus 8 have been used for centuries to help people strengthen their bodys defences and restore good health. Astragalus 8 is based on an ancient Chinese therapy called Fu Zheng Pei Ben. In Chinese medicine…

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Bioglan Throat Clear Lozenges Original 20

Catalogue Number: 610631

Sugarfree herbal antibiotic pastilles . soothes throats with nigella, astragalus, echinacea, primula zinc, vitamin c, eucalyptus, fennel, anise, peppermint and thyme. Indications Relief of symptoms of alergies, hayfever, catarrh, colds and flu. also mouth infections and smokers cough Dosage Not for…

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