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Hemocane Ointment 50g

Catalogue Number: 566514

…pain of haemorrhoids, pruritus of the anus and itching.Hemocane contains ingredients with soothing, anaesthetic and anit-pruritic actions. Dosage External Haemorrhoids: Apply around the anus morning ans night ans after each bowle movement. Pruritus and Itching : Apply on the affected area as needed.…

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Pharmacist Formula Worm Rid 6 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 720768

A common symptom of threadworm infestation is itching around the anus and vagina, which may result in restless sleep and irritability. Evidence of infestation should be present before treating for threadworm. If a family member has threadworm, then each member of the family should be treated. Unless…

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Proctosedyl Oint 15g

Catalogue Number: 519524

…relieves itching. Directions for use: - for best results, apply after a bowel motion. - wash and dry anal area. - for external haemorrhoids, apply small amount of ointment to finger and gently apply to affected area. - for internal haemorrhoids, attach nozzle to tube and insert into anus and squeeze…

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