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Neat Feat Foot & Shoe Powder 125g Twin Pack

Catalogue Number: 737900

…Foot Shoe Powder contains antifungal properties which help to prevent minor foot infections. Applying Neat Feat Foot Shoe Powder to the feet on a daily basis will reduce the amount of foot perspiration within the shoe and help prevent an environment for fungus growth. Directions: Sprinkle powder

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Daktarin Powder 30g

Catalogue Number: 572901

Daktarin powder is a broad spectrum antifungal product. It treats common fungal candidal skin infections Directions: Clean and dry affected area thoroughly. Shake a small quantity of Daktarin powder on the affected area twice daily. The powder may also be sprinkled inside shoes and socks. Continued…

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Neat Feat Shoe Deodorizer 125ml

Catalogue Number: 702868

…ingredient that destroys the odour. This also helps to prolong the shoe life. Neat Feat Shoe Deodorizer is great on footwear that are open where powder is too messy to use. For best results spray into shoes at the end of the day and place shoes in a warm spot overnight. - For hard working feet :…

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Natures Own Garlic Horseradish+C Plus Fenugreek & Marshmallow 200 Tabs

Catalogue Number: 546284

Garlic plus C, Horseradish, Fenugreek and Marshmallow formula contains garlic which has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Vitamin C is included for the additional benefits it provides in helping to relieve the symptoms of colds, hayfever, allergies and rhinitis. Brand: Natures Own…

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Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Soap 100g

Catalogue Number: 489535

…by keeping cells hydrated. Sweet Almond Oil - Rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids plus has anti-microbial properties. Coconut Shell Powder - Natural and bio-degradeable, coconut shell powder gently polishes and smooths skin whilst remaining kind to the environment.

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