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Strepsils Original Lozenges 36

Catalogue Number: 926962

Strepsils Original Lozenges for fast, soothing and effective relief from discomfot. Contains sucrose glucose. Indications Contains an effective combination of 2 anti-bacterial agents to help kill the bacteria which can cause sore throats mouth infections. Dosage Suitable for adults children over 6…

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Reynard Antibacterial Hand Gel 500ml

Catalogue Number: 773635

Reynard Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Gel is specially formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to protect and moisturise your hands removing harmful bacteria and maintaining your skins natural pH balance. Its fast acting formula kills 99.9 of the most common illness causing germs, leaving the…

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Ocean Healthcare Antibacterial Wipes 30 Wipes

Catalogue Number: 898836

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Kleenex Wet Wipes Anti Bacterial 15 Wipes

Catalogue Number: 725561

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Able Anti-Bacterial Spacer

Catalogue Number: 298137

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Able Spacer Anti-Bacterial with Medium Mask

Catalogue Number: 300544

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Able Spacer Anti-Bacterial with Small Mask

Catalogue Number: 114948

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Sebamed Clear Face Anti Pimple Gel 10ml

Catalogue Number: 607892

Sebamed clear face anti-pimple cream 10ml, ph 5.5 clinically tested Indications Anti-bacterial cream covers and clears pimples. Effective relief from pimples and blackheads while caring for the skin, reduces inflammation and dries out pimples. Dosage After cleansing apply anti-pimple cream directly…

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Lucas Papaw Ointment 25g

Catalogue Number: 695304

Lucas Papaw Ointment has anti- bacterial and antimicrobial properties It can be used as a local topical application on the following: Minor Burns, Sunburn Scalds Gravel Rash, Cuts Minor Open Wounds Nappy Rash Chaffing Splinters Thorns Temporary relief of the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema

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Palmolive Hand Wash Antibacterial Classic 250ml

Catalogue Number: 561555

Palmolive Softwash Anti Bacterial Hand Wash is specifically formulated to kill germs on hands. It provides a gentle clean for all the family Moisturising and conditioning ingredients mean it is gentle enough for the whole family Use Palmolive Softwash in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry Refill your…

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Kenkay No Rinse Hand Sanitiser 250ml

Catalogue Number: 771464

Not only does Kenkay No Rinse Hand Sanitiser kill 99.9 of germs but unlike many other anti bacterial hand washes, Kenkay No Rinse Hand Sanitiser does not leave your hands feeling dry. With bursting moisturising beads of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Kenkay No Rinse Hand Sanitiser hydrates your skin each…

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Thompsons One A Day Organic Olive Leaf 5000mg 60 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 742272

…prescribed How It Works: Oleuropein is the bitter component of olive leaf, which has been traditionally used for fever.It has also shown anti viral and anti bacterial properties in invitro studies.With Oleuropeins antioxidant properties, thompsons one a day organic olive leaf 5000 may help in the…

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Oral B Toothbrush Crossaction Prohealth 40 Medium

Catalogue Number: 765926

Oral-B CrossAction with anti-Bacterial Bristle Protection inhibits bacterial growth that may affect the bristles for up to 90 days. The bristles do not kill bacteria in the mouth or protect you against disease. Always clean this product thoughly after each use. For more oral care information contact…

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Ozkleen Kitchen Power 500Ml

Catalogue Number: 659481

This powerful, anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner effectively removes tough grime, stains and limescale to leave it sparkling clean and sanitised. Contains no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates Suitable for use in hard water areas Suitable for use on all kitchen surfaces, including worktops and stainless…

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Odor Eaters Foot & Shoe Spray 100g

Catalogue Number: 641145

Keeps feet and shoes odour free - all day , supreme anti-bacterial agents to fight the worst foot and shoe odour Indications Use daily shake well before spraying evenly on top, between and soles from 15cm away. for shoes spray over entire arears for 2-3 seconds before and after wear Warnings…

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