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Thursday Plantation Almond Oil 125ml

Catalogue Number: 031890

…work Thursday Plantation Almond Oil contains high levels of Essential Fatty Acids EFAs which are essential to keep youthful looking skin. When used regularly, Almond Oil can also give the skin a radiant, healthy glow. Whats in it and how does this benefit my skin ALMOND OIL: Rich source in oleic…

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Natio Sweet Almond Carrier Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 420822

…Sweet Almond Oil helps to nourish, soften and smooth skin. How To: Pure plant carrier oils provide a skin-friendly base, enabling you to safely apply essential oils to the face, body, hair, and a bath. For the face, blend one drop of your favourite essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil and…

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Oil Garden Sweet Almond Oil 200ml

Catalogue Number: 087854

Almond Kernel. How to Use: Choose 3 essential oils. Add a total of 5 drops of essential oil to 10 ml of carrier oil and gently massage over the skin. The oils are absorbed into the body via the hair follicles working from within to improve general wellbeing. Ingredients: Prunus dulcis seed fixed oil

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Oil Garden Calendula Infused Oil 12ml

Catalogue Number: 156906

…be applied. HOW: Add 1 drop of pure essential oil to the tip of a cotton bud. For example 1 drop of myrrh for cold sores. 1 drop of lavender for mosquito bites and apply directly to the site. Ingredients: Calendula Flowers, Soybean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil Storage and Precautions: STORE BELOW 30C. NOT…

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Oil Garden Muscle Recovery Massage Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 374223

…Ideal for post exercise massage or for use by your favourite massage therapist to relieve tired. Ingredients: Methyl salicylate, Eucalyptus oils, Menthol liquid, Camphor, Prunus dulcis Sweet Almond Storage and Precautions: STORE BELOW 30C. NOT TO BE TAKEN ORALLY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Reef Oil Coconut SPF6+ 125ml

Catalogue Number: 821560

Features: - Moisturising oil formulation with SPF 6 protection - Coconut fragrance Benefits: - A combination of nut extracts to deeply moisturise skin - coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil and cocoa butter

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Oil Garden Relax & Unwind Massage Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 242049

oils. Pure essential oils of Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood and Jasmine have been blended with Sweet Almond to create an ideal body moisturiser or massage oil. How to Use: Apply directly to body or add 10 to 20 drops to bath water and unwind Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Rosewood Essential Oil,

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Oil Garden Love & Friendship Massage & Body Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 298238

…to use body oil. How to Use: Apply directly to body or add 10 to 20 drops to bath water to enhance those special moments in life Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil,

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Weleda Perineum Massage Oil 50ml

Catalogue Number: 828484

…sensitive skin. From 34 weeks you can prepare, with regular massage using Perineum Massage Oil to enhance flexibility in the skin of the birth area. With sweet almond and vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil, the oil is especially formulated for massages which help the perineum to become more flexible and…

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Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 248250

…the pure and natural formula nourishes the skin, protecting it from dryness. Stretch Mark Massage Oil formerly Pregnancy Body Oil contains gentle almond oil and vitamin E enriched wheat germ oil, along with Biodynamic arnica extract, which help keep the skin, particularly in the stomach and abdomen…

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Gaia Natural Baby Massage Oil 125ml

Catalogue Number: 745515

…sweet almond oil is all you need to massage your baby with. Our sweet almond oil is combined with a hint of certified organic lavender and certified organic chamomile pure essential oils to provide you with a beautiful oil to use on your newborn, baby and toddler. GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil is…

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Grahams Natural Body & Bath Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 560097

…suffering from such conditions would understand that once you break that initial skin barrier is it hard to stop the itch. Continuing to scratch will cause infection and bacteria to spread, worsening the skin. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Emu Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Almond Oil, Manuka Oil

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Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Soap 100g

Catalogue Number: 489535

…based soap contains skin-hydrating Coconut Oil, indulgent Tahitian Monoi Oil, soothing Sweet Almond Oil and detoxifying Coconut Shell powder. Gentle enough for daily use. Contains ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi Oil. No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Sulphates, No…

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Oil Garden Tranquil & Calm Massage & Body Oil Blend 100ml

Catalogue Number: 257187

…Sweet Almond to create an escape from the daily pressures of life. How to Use: Apply directly to body as a natural moisturiser or add 10 to 20 drops to bath water. Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil and Rosewood Essential Oil.

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Grahams Natural Organic Cradle Cap Oil 50ml

Catalogue Number: 791090

…Redness, and Dry skin - Repair of skin Directions for Use: Use dropper as required then massage oil into babies scalp. Leave for 20 minutes or until cradle cap flakes are soft then gently comb out. Ingredients: Calendula Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Rosemary Oil

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