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Agnus Castus

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Agnus Castus

Blackmores Vitex Agnus Castus 40 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 522053

For the relief of pms Bm for women Indications Vitex agnus castus is a traditional herbal remedy used to relieve pre-menstrual symtoms such as breast pain, breast tenderness and fluid retention. It can also assist in regulating the menstrual cycle. Dosage Adults: 1 tablet 3 times daily before meals…

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Natures Own Vitex Agnus Castus 1000mg 60 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 538484

No added sugar, lactose, starch, gluten, yeast, salt, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring or preservatives. Indications May relieve breast tenderness, cramps other symptoms of PMT. May also help relieve fluid retention the bloated feeling that comes with it. It is often effective in the…

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Harmony Max 45 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 976973

Description Harmony Menopause Max is a high potency herbal medicine which only contains 4 of the 6 herbs used in the original formulation Harmony Menopause but at higher dosages. It is a stronger formulation to relieve the symptoms of menopause, specifically hot flushes and night sweats. It helps to…

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Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Organic Vitex 1500mg 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 049408

Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Organic Vitex is a premium quality, high strength formula to support female reproductive health. Female Reproductive Health: This formula contains organic vitex, which has been traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to support female reproductive health. It also…

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Nutra Life Meno-Life Day & Night 60 Capsule

Catalogue Number: 170503

This formula combines two separate capsules a white, vege capsule for use during the day and a clear vege capsule for use at night time. Each capsule is specially formulated with ingredients used in traditional Western herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms associated with menopause. The day…

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Flordis Premular 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 685921

For the relief of premenstrual syndrome and menstrual symtoms. medically recommended herbal remedies. this research ensures the high potency and effectiveness of all flordis products. Registered trademark at Max Zeller Sohne AG Indications Helps relieve premenstual symptoms helps relieve menstrual…

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