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Nexcare Micropore 25mm x 9.1m Tan

Catalogue Number: 526707

Hypoallergenic HOSPITAL BRAND 3M Indications Tan Paper First Aid Tape 10 yards 1 in x 360 in 25mm x 9.1m

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Elastoplast Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster 2.5cm x 3m

Catalogue Number: 565506

…a porous, versatile tape that can be used for securing wound dressings or supporting minor injuries. When wrapped around a joint or muscle, it provides moderate compression to support tendons and ligaments, preventing strains and supporting current injuries. The adhesive tape easily secures gauze,…

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Elastoplast Sport Elastic Adhesive Bandage 50mm x 3m

Catalogue Number: 586297

…alignment when applying to any area. The Elastic Adhesive Bandage can also be used to support muscle injuries, such as hamstring or calf strains. Directions: Conduct a patch test on your arm or regularly taped area so that you can gauge if you are allergic to the rubber zinc oxide adhesive bandage.

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Nexcare Flex Tape Dispenser 19mm X 6.4m

Catalogue Number: 679767

Flexible clear tape Stretchable, breathable Hospital name: 3M Transpore surgical tape 3/4 in x 252 in 7yd Nexcare first aid. Feels better. Is better. All Nexcare first aid tapes are hypoallergenic and latex free Indications Standard Tapes Gentle Paper - For sensitive skin, gentle adhesive,…

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Nexcare Sports Tape 38mm X 13.7m Flesh

Catalogue Number: 674863

tape -Strong rigid construction designed to provide exceptional support -Strong adhesion in all conditions for long lasting results -Pinked edges enable the tape to be torn by hand for quick and easy application For preventative and therapeutic strapping procedures for joints, muscles tendons 3M

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Nexcare Support Wrap Blue 75mm X 4.5m

Catalogue Number: 651861

…Hospital name 3M Coban Self adherent wrap Dosage Support - Wrap ankles, wrists, etc......sticks to itself, so it holds securely and will not loosen or slip in use - even when wet. Secure - Hold hot and cold packs on injured area Protect - Protect skin under first aid or athletic tape to make removal…

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