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1 ml syringe

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1 ml syringe

Terumo Insulin Syringe+Needle 1.0ml 29gx0.50 Single

Catalogue Number: 574645

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Clexane 100mg Syringes 10 X 1ml Pbs

Catalogue Number: 658521

Consumer Medical Information

Prescription Required

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PBS General$38.80 Add to Cart
PBS safety net SN card$0.00 Add to Cart

BD Ultra Fine Syringe+Needle 1ml 29gx12.7mm 10 Pack

Catalogue Number: 849324

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BD Syringe & Needle 1ml 29g x 12.7mm Box 100

Catalogue Number: 522298

…to U-100 insulin concentration. Convenience - Needle shield and plunger cap guarantee sterility of syringe fluid path and eliminates the need for bulky outer package. Accuracy- Less than 1 unit of U-100 insulin dead space. More accurate dosage less insulin waste. Flat faced THINLINE Plunger…

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Chemists Own Children Paracetamol 1 To 5 Year Suspension 200ml

Catalogue Number: 778645

…longer than 48 hours at a time unless advised to by your doctor. Not recommended for children under 1 year of age. Dosage: AGE AVERAGE WEIGHT DOSE 1-2 years 10-12 kg 6-8 ml 2-3 years 12-14 kg 8-9 ml 3-4 years 14-16 kg 9-10ml 4-5 years 16-18 kg 10-11ml Recommended dosages are based on 15mg of…

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Pentavite Infants Multivitamins Oral Liquid 30ml

Catalogue Number: 638891

…of vitamins essential for infants healthy growth and development. Pleasant tasting pineapple flavoured liquid formula comes with an easy to use syringe. May help maintain a healthy intake of vitamins in instances of fussy eating habits, appetite loss or during illness. Dosage Up to 3 yrs: 0.45ml…

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Drontal Worming Puppy Suspension 30ml

Catalogue Number: 736722

…before use. Drontal suspension is given as a single dose by mouth using the enclosed dosing syringe. Fasting prior to dosing is not necessary. It is essential to weigh dogs before treatment Dosage: 1ml per 1kg bodyweight Read the enclosed leaflet before using this product If worm problems persist,…

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Aptamil Feed Thickener 380g

Catalogue Number: 805945

…Shake vigorously. If baby continues to regurgitate, gradually increase to 3 or 4 scoops for each 200 mL. A medium-fast flow teat is recommended unless otherwise advised. Preparing a gel: Sprinkle 1 scoop of Aptamil Feed Thickener into 20-30mL approximately 1-2 tablespoons of cooled, boiled water,…

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