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KP24 Rapid 250ml + Comb

Catalogue Number: 962934

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KP24 Medicated Lotion 100ml

Catalogue Number: 550252

…eggs. K.P.24 Medicated Lotion treats and controls head lice and their eggs Dosage 1. Pour K.P.24 Medicated Lotion onto dry hair. Use enough to thoroughly cover the scalp, including the back of the neck and behind the ears. 2. Allow to dry on hair. After 8-12 hours, wash hair with K.P.24 Medicated…

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KP24 Combing Solution 150ml

Catalogue Number: 603457

KP24 Combing Solution with Tea Tree Oil. Stay lice free Assists in the removal of adult lice their eggs. Breaks the head lice cycle. Makes combing easier. Conditioner protects and repairs hair. Indications By using KP24 Combing Solution regularly with KP24 Metal Lice Comb twice weekly, you can keep…

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Kp24 Medicated Foam 100ml

Catalogue Number: 540254

…and is used as a preventative against head lice infestation. For the eradication of head lice with long term effect, K.P.24 Medicated Foam should be used in conjuction with K.P.24 Medicated Lotion as directed see enclosed leaflet. One application only, prevents reinfestation, fast and easy. It is…

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KP24 Soaking Solution 500ml

Catalogue Number: 530256

…Anti-cholinesterase compound. Indications Eradicates head body lice, flease, bedbugs, similar insects. Dosage Shake well before use. Empty 250mL of K.P.24 Soaking Solution in 22.15 litres 5 gallons of hot water. Soak sheets, pillow slips, etc for 30 minutes prior to normal washing. Soak combs,…

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KP24 Metal Lice Comb

Catalogue Number: 560250

Comes with a bonus magnifier. Unbreakable metal comb. Indications Removes head lice their eggs. Dosage First apply K.P.24 Medicated Lotion Foam treatments as directed to kill lice their eggs on contact. Remove all knots snarls with an ordinary comb. Separate 1 inch sections of hair. With the…

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KP24 Lice Egg Remover 100ml

Catalogue Number: 571592

Removes dead head lice and their eggs triple number of nits removed helps end infestation saves hours of combing Indications removal of head lice eggs nits , is an important part of the lice treatment process. Nits hatch between 7-10 days after being laid. Their continued presence in the hair can…

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KP24 Rapid 150ml + Comb

Catalogue Number: 853094

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KP24 Rapid Shampoo With LPF 100ml + Comb

Catalogue Number: 956353

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