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Nads For Men Hair Removal Body Cream 200ml

Catalogue Number: 619055

Hair remover body cream with towelling Nads for men hair remover body cream is the new, convenient way to remove hair from anywhere on the body. Powerful breakthrough formula Contains macadamia oil and aloe vera to help soothe and moisturize Indications Nads for men remover is the new way to be hair

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Veet Naturals Hair Removal Cream 100ml

Catalogue Number: 944966

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Veet Cold Wax Strips Sensitive 20

Catalogue Number: 670558

…onto the skin smooth firmly with hands for 10 seconds in the direction of the hair growth 4. Hold skin taut with one hand, with the other hand, remove the strip in one swift decisive moment, against the direction of hair growth. Always pull the strip parallel as close to the skin as possible. 5.…

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Nads Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper 6g

Catalogue Number: 693433

…by using the cleansing wipes. 2. Using the wand apply a thin layer of Nads Hair Removal Gel in the direction of the hair growth. 3. Place a cotton strip on the gel then firmly stroke 3-4 times in the direction of the hair growth. 4. Hold skin taught and quickly pull strip in opposite direction.…

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Veet Sensitive Hair Removal Cream 100ml

Catalogue Number: 572261

Veet sensitive skin hair removal cream, Aloe Vera Vitamin E Procedure takes 5 mins. Hair removal system for sensitive skin. Designed for legs, underarms and bikini line, not for face. Directions: Apply with back of spatula. Remove with head of spatula. Rinse of with cold water Read inclosed leaflet.…

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Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Skin 150ml

Catalogue Number: 754347

Get touchably smooth skin with new Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin, enriched with Moisturiser Complex, Aloe Vera Vitamin E. It removes hair effectively without cutting it, so hair grows back feeling softer and leaves skin moisturised. Now you can get silky smooth legs with no…

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Nair Salon Sensitive Wax 100g

Catalogue Number: 662485

…smooth, use the spatula to spread a thin layer of wax 1 to 2 mm thick in the direction the hair is growing, Wait for 20 sec, pull up one edge and remove the strip quickly. Warnings Do not leave wax on hair for more then 1 min, When heating remember the tub is hot aswell, Do not use on irritated,…

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Veet Hair Removing Cream 100ml

Catalogue Number: 562263

Veet Hair removal cream, normal skin, Lotus Milk Jasminet Effective hair removal in minutes. helps achieve a softer regrowth. Directions: Apply thick layer of cream using spatula. Leave cream on for 3 min no longer than 6 mins, remove hair with head of spatula. Rinse treated area with cold water. Do…

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Nads Facial Hair Removal Creme 28g

Catalogue Number: 986695

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Veet Hair Remover Cream Sensitive 400ml

Catalogue Number: 703904

…Caressably Smooth Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin ensures effective hair removal in 5 minutes. Specially developed for sensitive skin, it contains Wheatgerm Oil and Orchid and leaves the skin smooth and soft, so you feel desirable. The time the cream takes to work depends on hair thickness.…

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Nair Precision Facial Hair Remover Cream 20g

Catalogue Number: 699554

Nair Facial Hair Remover Cream is specially formulated for use on the sensitive skin on the face and is an easy way to remove unwanted hair from upper lip, chin and cheeks. The contoured Applicator tip follows the curves of your face for maximum coverage and hair removal. Enriched with Sweet Almond…

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Nair Cream Sensitive Hair Remover 75g

Catalogue Number: 571265

…cover hair. Do not rub in. After 3-4 minutes, test a small area. If hair is not easily removed, reapply and wait a few minutes longer. Do not exceed 10 minutes. For especially coarse or hard-to-remove hair, saturate hair with warm water for several minutes first, pat dry, then apply nair. To remove

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Nair Sensitive Body Hair Removal Shower Cream 200ml

Catalogue Number: 212344

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Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream Normal Skin 400ml

Catalogue Number: 668817

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1000hour Hair Color Mascara Black

Catalogue Number: 711846

…apply - Ideal for mens facial hair - Great for all hair types Directions: Choose the 1000 hour Hair Color Mascara that best matches your hair colour. Apply colour directly to the area that you want to touch-up using light short strokes. Re-apply as needed. To remove, just wash away with shampoo.…

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