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Naturopathica Gastro Health Probiotic Extra Care 30 Caps

Catalogue Number: 974170

…Extra Care Probiotic 50 delivers a high strength, multi-strain probiotic for maximum health benefits. The unique and clinically researched strains of GastroHealth Extra Care Probiotic 50 assists in establishing and maintaining a healthy Microbiome. GastroHealth Extra Care Probiotic 50 supports…

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Naturopathica Gastro Health Daily Probiotic 30 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 727417

…with both good and bad bacteria. It is the imbalance of these good and bad bacteria which can cause ill digestive health. GastroHealths 4 scientifically studied strains of probiotic get into action upon entering the intestine and colon. They can aid in restoring and maintaining the balance between…

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Naturopathica Gastro Health Baby Drops Probiotic 8ml

Catalogue Number: 922972

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Naturopathica Gastro Health Daily Probiotic Dairy Free 30 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 786093

GastroHealth dairy free contains the prebiotic inulin that acts as a food source for probiotics to promote the growth of probiotic organisms. Taking GastroHealth dairy free everyday can help maintain a healthy digestive balance and stimulate support the immune system This formula has the added…

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Natures Way Restore 30 Billion Daily Probiotic 30 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 956744

probiotic plus prebiotic ideal for those wanting to help: - Relieve digestive issues - Maintain gastro health and regularity - Restore balance during antibiotic use - Boost immunity post illness and during travel - Improve general wellbeing Restore 30 Billion is a premium, 3-strain probiotic

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Nutra Life Probiotica 50 Billion 50 Capsule

Catalogue Number: 462041

…scientifically researched Howaru. Howaru is a proprietary scientifically researched probiotic strain that supports gastro-intestinal tract health. Nutra-Life Probiotica 50 Billion may help: - support the health and function of the gastro-intestinal tract d uring and following antibiotic therapy…

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