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Albalon Eye Drops 15ml

Catalogue Number: 540242

To clear the redness of minor eye irritations. Dosage One drop instilled in each eye every 3 to 4 hours or as directed. Warnings If using a Prescription eye product consult your doctor or pharmacist before using. Do not use in the presence of glaucoma, serious eye infection or with soft contact…

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Refresh Tears Plus 15ml

Catalogue Number: 696624

Lubricant Eye Drops. Moisturises, comforts and protects dry eyes. For dryness irritation. Allergan Aust. made in Ireland. carmellose sodium 5 mg per 1 ml. Lubricant Eye Drops. Many things can make your eyes feel dry, scratchy, buring, or uncomfortable, including a reduction in the amount of tears…

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Chlorsig Eye Drops 10ml R

Catalogue Number: 537828

Prescription Required

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Cellufresh Eye Drops 30 X 0.4ml

Catalogue Number: 511244

Sterile eye drops single use containers for relief of moderate dry eye. Indications Make sure container is intact before use. To open, completely twist off tab, do not pull off. Instil 1 drop in the affected eyes as frequently as required. Never save unused contents. Do not reuse. Dispose of…

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Genteal Eye Gel 10g

Catalogue Number: 674536

…against dry eye discomfort. Easy to squeeze soft tube. 10mls Indications While Genteal Gel does contain a preservative to prevent microbial contamination, this preservative turns into water and oxygen when Gentel Gel is dropped onto the eye. Dosage Hold tube vertically.Instil 1 drop 3 to 4 times…

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Visine Eye Drops Clear 15ml

Catalogue Number: 517247

Eye drops for red eyes Indications Provides prompt relief from redness, burning, itching and congestion of the eyes caused by smoke, dust, sun, wind chlorinated water and other irritants. Dosage Place one or two drops in the affected eye up to four times daily or as directed by a physician. To help…

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Systane Lubricating Eye Drops 15ml

Catalogue Number: 658454

…comfort. Dry eye therapy. Enjoy lasting, all-day comfort with Systane Lubricating Eye Drops. Indications Systane Lubricating Eye Drops have been scientifically formulated to provide soothing, long lasting relief and comfort from signs and symptoms associated with dry, irritated eyes. Systane…

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Naphcon A Allergy Eyes 15ml

Catalogue Number: 515246

For allergic, red itchy eyes. Indications Provides effective comfortable relief from the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. Dosage One or two drops in the eyes, three to four times daily. Warnings If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Discard container 4 weeks after opening. Storage Store below…

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Systane Red Eyes Eye Drops 15ml

Catalogue Number: 990947

Systane Red Eyes Eye Drops 15ml Relief of red,congested eyes

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Cromo Fresh Preservative Free Allergy Eye Drops 10ml

Catalogue Number: 978662

…from the eyes. - Safe: Preservative and Phosphate free, therefore avoids the potential for further eye irritation - Convenient: the only preservative-free treatment for allergic eyes in a bottle - ideal for treatment on-the-go - Economical: precisely delivers at least 300 sterile drops through the…

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Bosistos Tea Tree Oil Pure 100% 50ml

Catalogue Number: 682390

…household use: Use on toilets, floors, bathrooms, hard surfaces, pets quarters - and a few drops to wash liqid to help remove unwanted bacteria and odour. Warnings For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Not to be used on children under the age of two,…

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Livostin Eye Drops 4ml

Catalogue Number: 530438

Livostin eye drops relieve water, itchy or red eyes due to hayfever or allergic conjunctivitis in minutes Dosage Shake well before use. Squeeze one drop in the affected eyes twice a day. If necessary dose may be increased to one drop 3-4 times a day. You are advised not to wear soft contact lenses…

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Brolene Eye Drops 10ml

Catalogue Number: 590241

…provided that the bottle is intact and the sealing ring is unbroken. Avoid contamination of drops during use. Dosage One or two drops in the affected eye four times daily. Not to be used in eye infections in infants except on medical advice. Do not use later than one month after first opening.…

Consumer Medical Information

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