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Cardasa Low Dose Aspirin 100mg 168 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 900990

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Solprin Tabs 96

Catalogue Number: 582102

Dispersible Tablets allowing it to be absorbed more quickly than plain aspirin to bring faster relief of pain fever. Contains saccharin. Indications Provides temporary relief from rheumatic pain, relieves pain, reduces fever in adults. Provides temporary relief from the pain discomfort of headache,…

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Aspro Tab 20

Catalogue Number: 593002

…pregnancy, are taking anti-coagulant therapy, or are allergic to asprin, ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs. Do not use if you have asthma, are pregnant or if you are taking other medicines containing asprin or other NSAIDs, unless directed by your doctor. See a doctor…

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Mayne Pharma Aspirin 100mg 112 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 868518

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Piax Plus Aspirin Tablets 75/100mg X 30

Catalogue Number: 955096

Prescription Required

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Gold Cross Princard Asprin 100mg 120 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 728697

Gold Cross Princard Aspirin 120 Tablets Enteric coated Low dose Each Tablet contains Aspirin 100mg Helps prevent blood clotting and reduces risk of heart attack and stroke in patients with known cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease. Dosage: Adults : 1 tablet at the same time every day.…

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Pharmacy Choice EC Aspirin 100mg 168 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 722982

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Pharmacy Choice EC Aspirin 100mg Tab 84

Catalogue Number: 788982

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Chemists Own Low Dose Aspirin 84 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 878195

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Aspalgin Tab 20

Catalogue Number: 709073

Prescription Required

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Astrix Caps 100mg 84

Catalogue Number: 514005

Each capsule of Astrix 100 contains 100mg of asprin in the form of enteric coated, controlled release pellets. Blister packed for your protection. Astrix 100 contains wheat starch this contains gluten. Pharmacy medicine. Each Capsule Contains: Asprin 100mg. Indications This pack of Astrix 100…

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Herron Paracetamol Gold Tabsules 20

Catalogue Number: 551872

…sore throat, Osteoarthritis, Migraine headache, relieves the symptoms of colds and flu. Suitable for use by asthmatics who are sensitive to asprin or other steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs. May be used during pregnancy and by breast-feeding mothers. Contains no yeast, dairy products, lactose,…

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Aspro Clear Extra Strength 16 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 620341

…ulcer and women in last 3 months of pregnancy should consult their doctor before use . do not take if taking anti-coagulant therapy or allergic to asprin , ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory products. Each tablet contains sodium 250mg and should not be taken by persons on low sodium diets. Do not…

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Goanna Arthritis Cream 100g

Catalogue Number: 504152

Temporary relief of arthritis pain and asprin like relief Contains Phenoxyethanol 0.5w/w, Methy Hydroxybenzoate 0.1 w/w, Propyl Hydrobenzoate 0.1w/w, Imidurea 0.2w/w as preservatives. Indications Arthritis cream provides temporary relief by delivering an asprin like analgesic directly to the point…

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Voltaren Osteo Gel 150g

Catalogue Number: 780284

…Dosage Rub gently into affected area 3 or 4 times daily. Do not use for more than 3 weeks for osteoarthritis except on medical advice. Do not use On children under 12 years of age, if you are pregnant or breast feeding or have a allergy to diclofenac, asprin or any other NSAID or pain reliever.

Consumer Medical Information

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