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Kenkay Aqueous Cream 325ml

Catalogue Number: 643382

…from your skin. The emolloents maintain the moisture balance. Suitable for neck, face and body. Suitable for daily use. Dosage Wet skin, rub on cream then rinse with clean water. For make-up, apply directly with the aid of a cotton ball, then rinse with clean water. Warnings For external use only.…

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David Craig Aqueous Cream 500g

Catalogue Number: 881957

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Kenkay Aqueous Cream 500ml Jar

Catalogue Number: 563398

…cleansers, Kenkay aqueous cream does not strip the natural oils from your skin. The emolients in Kenkay aqueous cream help maintain the natural moisture balance in your skin. This gentle cleanser will remove make-up as well as everyday dirt grime. Dosage wet skin, rub on cream, then rinse with clean…

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Aqueous Cream Bp 500g

Catalogue Number: 766188

Product Description A light non-greasy moisturiser that helps restore skins smoothness and flexibility. Used as a soap alternative for those who have sensitive skin. Directions Apply to the affected area frequently. Ingredients Emulsifying Ointment 30 w/w, Phenoxyethanol 1 w/w, Purified Water to 100

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Aqueous Cream 100g Tube

Catalogue Number: 656986

Kenkay Aqueous Cream is the ideal skin cleanser for people with dry, sensitive or problem skin. Unlike regular soap, Kenkay Aqueous Cream does not strip the natural oils from your skin. The emollients in Kenkay Aqueous Cream help maintain skins natural moisture balance. Gentle on skin Excellent for…

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Hamilton Dimethi Cream 500g

Catalogue Number: 515091

…Moisturises, softens, lubricates and soothes skin. Indications A low viscosity, mobile, non-stick cream provides skin lubrication for massage to help prevent pressure points of bed patients. Protects skin exposed to aqueous irritants. Dosage Apply liberally before and during massage or as required.

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Swisse Argan Anti Aging Eye Cream 15ml

Catalogue Number: 963915

A natural, soothing, 3 in 1 eye cream. Luxuriously formulated to assist with fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with antioxidant rich Argan Oil for its anti-ageing properties and Vitamin K2 to help minimise dark circles. Caffeine and Guarana to help firm, lift and tighten the eye area. 98.4 naturally…

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